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  1. Anyone here a Google Workspace guru? looking for recommendations on doc workflow apps. 

  2. sadly I have to agree. I expect no substantive changes or actions from this. Bettman has shown he is literally a wet blanket on major issues, he slows them down until everyone forgets. He'll try the same thing here, in fact thats what he's been doing.
  3. its funny seeing the relief and then going back to look at the beginning of the Poolman signing thread. For everyone's sake, that thread should be deleted.
  4. there are probably a lot of people in hockey (and elsewhere) that view victims as weak. Maybe JT is in that group. Stan also signed a lot of big cheques for JT.
  5. its not so much centralization thats the issue with moves like this, its whether or not they are properly funded, and the slate of services actually offered. Have they actually created better services or just longer lines? I hope for your sake its better.
  6. no one wants to get near this stuff, thats how. Unless there's a system that protects people from coming forward and also being supportive its not going to change. Clearly the PA dropped the ball pretty badly on this too.
  7. that 68% is also responsible for the extremely unfair situation the fully vaxxed but still vulnerable people are in. The covidiots have no right to put these people at risk, yet here we are.
  8. Nurse is OK, just don't think he's worth that deal particularly the last 1/2 of that thing. I wouldn't want him here at anything close to that number. Heiskanen otoh, yes please.
  9. Good night to start Halak, he knows PHI well and we don't need to ride Demko into he ground this early in the year.
  10. hard to say exactly what Gary and Fehr knew or what filtered up to them. I can see how Gary is handling it today, and its bad, so if he did know its not a stretch to think he would ignore it. Even if Fehr, who could maybe be believed to not know given how new he was to the job, didn't know certainly others in the PA knew and also did nothing. No one wants to fix this stuff until someone is brave enough to come forward and force everyone to see it. Thats why Bettmans response so far has been so disappointing, its really just the barest minimal response that could happen.
  11. next time a story comes up where a female victim has waited to come forward and some think it s a red flag that she waited, maybe some folks will remember this story, took him 10 years.
  12. agreed on all points. But Gary doesn't inspire me that he will do the right thing.
  13. maybe I'm too old and cynical now, but I'd be really surprised if anyone else loses a job over this. I hope I'm wrong.
  14. but what you're going to get is a generic statement, followed by "there will be no further comment" out of Bettman's office.
  15. @Tortorella's Rant https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2021/10/27/merck-license-ip/ U.S. pharmaceutical giant Merck has agreed to share its license for its experimental covid-19 drug, molnupiravir, with a nonprofit organization so that it can be manufactured widely around the world in a deal that would expand access to the treatment in more than 100 countries.
  16. in your ongoing hunt for hypocrisy, did you come across the reason Boeser isn't on the 1st unit PP?
  17. not if its someone from their community
  18. it is interesting tho, two people with very different views of the team have come to the same conclusion.
  19. oh no.... we agree on something. Better check the asteroid report for today.
  20. I wasn't until now. I just see different, and better, personnel but the same systemic issues. Not sure what else one can say. As far as "now" guys, there are veteran coaches out there like Boudreau, but we also have Shaw as an immediate change and who he can bring in for assistant coaches.
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