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  1. he only actually loses 500k in salary over this.
  2. its a no-brainer buyout, 1.5 mil in real salary for 3 mil in cap savings this year.
  3. that would be a great return for us. Would bring a nice chippy attitude to the F group who's borderline Charmin.
  4. which in the US is in the millions. How many people view masks as a political statement e.g.? yikes.
  5. yup. I suppose there could be a true believer or two in there but I think for the most part its theatre.
  6. the follow the $ comment was more about how our media use each other to profit off us. I hope this thread doesn't derail into stuff about Tom Hanks and pizza shops.
  7. for me personally I think the Soros stuff is just a alt-right conspiracy theory. He's the same thing as the Koch brothers for the left.
  8. I think they realize it perfectly and milk it for all its worth.
  9. I'd say you need to be careful there too tho. A lot of them like to set up arguments that only work if you are unfamiliar with the subject matter, e.g. you see a lot of stuff about "marxism" that only makes sense if you haven't actually learned about it. Jordan Peterson does this a lot, it would be funny if not so damaging to young men in particular. Its like anything, you get out what you put in. You have to take the time to learn something about the topic to have your own opinion.
  10. I think we'll have to start a philosophy thread to get into some of that. For me its a little simpler, follow the $. The MSM (the CNNs) and the anti-MSM (the Brietbarts, etc) make a lot of money off making us disliking each other. If it really was a marxist agenda, it doesn't help them at all to prop up a strong right wing opposition that we've seen emerge in the last decade. I do agree the MSM has some major faults and has become incredibly lazy, there's not much that passes for useful reporting. The weather lady on global is a cutie tho.
  11. the vast majority of that activity has been peaceful, lawful protest though. you're talking about a very small number of radicals though. We are not seeing this in the majority of people peacefully protesting. If people don't protest governments will get away with anything. certainly technology is a big part of this. You've already given up most information about you if you have a credit card and a cell phone, which is sort of "1984-ish" - but is that "left" or "right" or is big brother actually big bank? maybe people are being distracted into us vs them narratives by the people who profit the most. MSM is interesting - the fictional products (movies, tv, streaming) is left leaning, but things like newspapers are actually conservative leaning. you'll need to explain to me why your definition of western values can't be expanded beyond the nuclear family. I have no idea how that turns into a globalist issue either. Are you saying a family that isn't nuclear can't have western values? or is part of a larger problem? I hope not. people do need to think for themselves. MSM does contain facts in-between the political narratives, you just have to recognize the bias.
  12. I'm about as IT savvy as an 90 year old so I'm not sure but I assume he's got enough on his hands at the moment.