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  1. I dunno — my wife says I’m a drunken idiot (on game days), so I’d say it’s a 50/50 proposition ...
  2. And the opposition are unbeaten when scoring first ... .. Hoglander with the first goal and the record goes to 8-1-0 .... GCG!
  3. Ah, got it ! The $hitty US Covid response thread ... jeez, I thought I clicked on the prospects thread haha!
  4. Couldn't agree more - Goldy will, no doubt, be Благодарный and perhaps will pick up the lunch cheque next time ... On a different note, I saw Chara play as a 19 year old (one of the first few games he played with PG Cougars in 1996) - played a similar style as Tryamkin finding his way as a newby in the dub - was challenged to drop the gloves, seemed not to relish the idea but did drop 'em and it was the classic 2-hit fight. Chara hit the opponent (with a fist that looked about the size of a volkswagen), the dude hit the ice and didn't get up. Chara shrugged and skated to the box -
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