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  1. Not at all. The vaccinated person sitting next to me is way less likely to have contracted the virus (best to educate yourself before posting) and, given I’m vaccinated, I’m way less likely to contract it and pass it on. If you take the time you'll how that works. Also, it behooves you to forego the ad hominem (is ‘clueless’ comment). Doesn’t add anything to the discussion. Not planning on engaging with you further but I hope you can reach the place where you make the choice to get vaxxed.
  2. And while you’re thinking about it (come the season opener at Rogers), I’ll be glad you’re precluded from sitting next to me. Nothing personal pal, but my health, the health of my loved ones, friends et al is way more important than your (undisputed) right to choose not to be vaccinated. Nothing against you personally pal, but I’ll be glad that I can choose go to the game without your choice risking my health (and those close to me).
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