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  1. Logan Stankoven. @Art Vandelay is up I think.
  2. You mean so the pick is NOT moved right? I mean, im ok with it moving to 2022. But condition was that it moves if top 5.
  3. Buffalo Protection List Rantanen Point Lowry Konecny Reinhart Thomas Dickenson Krug Slavin Spurgeon Gibson Sorry that I have been a bit AWOL for the past month or so folks, I have been adulting. I am in the process of catching up on signings, prospects, protection list, and diving into the draft. I hope to catch up on my egregiously dust covered inbox shortly. Huge congrats to our absolutely terrifying cup winner @pmalina. @Canuck Surfer wiped the floor with us without breaking a sweat:
  4. Yeah that team is in WAY better shape than some of the tire fires folks have inherited here! Full iceable roster with extras in the minors. Couple stars. Two goalies. Multiple recognizable prospects and recent 1sts. A bountiful crop for a good old fashioned gutting!
  5. Jason Robertson was my first pick in this league years ago. I had huge faith in him at the time, and am super happy to finally see him arrive in the league. With 13 points in 16 games Robertson now has the highest points per game of any rookie, playing on the 2nd line in Dallas. It really feels like a landmark for my team to be finally competing for a playoff spot right as my first draft picks when we took over the team arrive in the league.
  6. Buffalo would like to drop McKegg through waivers, and activate Hawryluk off of reserve. Thank you.
  7. Strongly support the changes. Not a big difference in the standings for me, but makes so much more sense when scouting and drafting. I can scout for players who will create shots and draw penalties. Less so for plus minus.
  8. I believe that in a normal season RFAs need to sign before Dec 1st to play that season. That date being 2 months into the season. Since the season started on Jan 13th this year, we would have to move the dates accordingly. I assume the equivalent date would mid March this year?
  9. BUFFALO SABRES WORLD JUNIORS RECAP Trevor Zegras USA 18 P 7 GP - GOLD Gold medal, Tournament MVP, most points by a US player in tournament history, over double the points of the next highest scorer on the tournament winning team. Just looked dominant in every game. There is nothing left for Trevor to prove outside of the NHL. Make me proud my little Zebra boy. Bobby Brink 6 P 7 GP -GOLD Brink did what he has done at every level and found ways to score points despite his size. The elite brain is still th
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