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  1. I was thinking of a trade between the Jets and Canucks earlier today, went like this: To VAN: Jack Roslovic To WPG: Chris Tanev Simple one-for-one I heard Roslovic was unhappy in wpg because of little playing time. Jets are in need of another right shot defender since the Trouba trade, so I thought this made sense.
  2. So I'm just going to say it... Caufield is a top 10 talent
  3. The US coach showing a lot of faith in our guys
  4. Good luck with the rehab, Olli!
  5. If you compare him to others drafted above him in the NCAA just based on points, he is doing exceedingly well. (Looking your way Wahlstrom/Farabee/ O'Brien)
  6. Tyler named Hockey East Rookie of the Week
  7. 3 assist so far tonight (mid way through third period) Northeastern is pummeling Merrimack for the second week in a row Edit: Tyler adds an EN goal! 1 G 3 A
  8. One thing I noticed this past season with TPS (especially later in the season and playoffs), is Olli plays at Olli's pace... and so does everyone else
  9. Might as well tack on one more award Been a long time since we've seen him play, the season can't come soon enough!
  10. I think you're right, but since it was written down somewhere it actually is more close to libel than slander