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  1. Every time I open the Pettersson thread and its 4-5 unread pages of everyone but EP, a little part of me dies. 

  2. A little off topic, but you can bet Judd Brackett and GMJB are scouting Rathbone's team mate Jay O'Brien. Kids a stud and eligible for this year's draft.
  3. Windsor lost 4-2 today And it looks like DiPietro was injured, he left the game early in the 3rd and didn't return Up to that point he made 28 saves on 31 shots If he is in fact injured, Windsor is done
  4. DiPietro is willing his team to win. Sarnia has 37 SOG while Windsor has only 12 SOG... and it's only the second intermission Edit: Forgot to add that the score right now is only 2-1 Sarnia
  5. Can we please have a Celebrity Deathmatch between Trump and Biden

    Image result for lets get it on

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    2. goalie13


      I'm sorry to break this to you @Alflives, but Thatcher isn't just retired, she's on a permanent vacation.

    3. Cerridwen


      I was just going to mention to Alf that it may be a little messy with Thatcher.....she's been dead nigh on 5 years. Guess it would all depend on how well the embalming was done..... :ph34r:

    4. Alflives


      Whoops.  RIP Ms. Thatcher. 

      Maybe it could be like a WWE match, and her spirit enters the ring with Trump?  Their stage name could be “Tiny Hands and Urn”.  

  6. ....aaaaand it looks like TSN just cut the feed
  7. Im watching it online on TSN hippy, I think it's bonus coverage best I can do is give you this link and if you have TSN with your service provider you can just sign in and watch: https://www.tsn.ca/live
  8. Northeastern ties it up! Sikura with the shorty, assisted by the HO8EY
  9. Northeastern has had some trouble with Providence this year. Played them twice and haven't won (0-1-1)
  10. True, and hopefully they get selected. Thanks for clearing that up! If they lose tonight they are out of the hockey east playoffs
  11. Gaudette is flying tonight Northeastern is down a goal and it seems like he's willing his team to move on to the hockey east final Also, the colour commentator is a total Providence homer
  12. Good view of how bad that shot angle was and he still ripped it Oh and the celly too
  13. He ended up second at 9.8%, just behind Colton Point (10.6%) Edit: don't forget it's just the fan voting, which means crumbs in regards to the actual voting
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