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  1. Local talent, didnt we took BC born Big Virt over obviously talented euros.
  2. Oh Boi, fellow gents... thats a pretty high expectation to fall from... Ill be fine with 15-20g 40-50 pnts for the young man He'll be the best when we need him to be at our journey to the stanley cup...
  3. I think Bo can only 20g scorer and very doubtful he'll be a 30g scorer That should help increase the number of goals we score next season
  4. Ah, you wish for more government/authority control? And this is because you're annoyed or irritated. Unfortunately it wont die out until its provin or disproven which should happen naturally
  5. Yeah, for sure sometimes its the best strategy. Just hoping our guys could do a little bit more when there are other plays to be made, and not always resort to it even when it doesn't work
  6. I mean our team/forwards has to stop playing dump in chase, so that they're not always defending which exposes subban
  7. He would probably thrive in a possession type team. For him to make the team our team he has to stop dumping the puck everytime they get
  8. Geez man the ref let's Hoe'rn get some rabbit punches in before stepping in
  9. Utter xit is all I say. Now I freakin know why they chose that dirty Hoern, so they could give him the win and make him generate a lot of money in his next fights. Utter xit, Hoe'rns has a face stunged beyond unrecognizable, and somehow he wins Wadapak!!
  10. Benning seems to be pleasing me with this draft
  11. This is benning's pick for people who wanted WN. Would of wanted Casey but fine with patterson
  12. What happened with Mittlestadt. That guy was supposed to be one of the most skillfull forward on this draft
  13. thats my pick at 3rd overall, mittelstadt the's guy has everything, he got size, speed and most importantly skill. We can always get size through trade and later picks
  14. How come lumme or lock is not calling you out and whining about your assumptions that OJ will become an "elite number one stud," and more valuable player of than tkathuk despite OJ not even finishing a single NHL game. oh thats right you're telling them what they want to hear
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