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  1. They should call this forum the "Canucks Delusion Forum". Most posters on here still think Benning is a good Gm, think Green is an nhl coach, and the roster is good enough to make the playoffs. WRONG. Be honest, Benning is a bad GM. From paying to many bottom 6 forwards too much money, giving away draft picks, holding on to players to long until they have no trade value or finish out their contract and walking with nothing coming in return, not just panic buying UFA's but then giving them to much money. This was a guy who supposed to know talent. Name some guys in our farm system that are going to make the jump??? Posters on this forum brag about our farm system talent, well look around other teams have talent and somehow teams that are at the top of the league keep finding talent to stay there. How long are we supposed to wait?? Wise up people Green is not an NHL coach and if you watch the players they want him gone. How many good coaches have we passed on because aquman doesn't want to pay top dollar. We have some good talent but the bottom half of the team sucks. Talk about shotgun jake as trade bait. What is anybody going to give us for a player that plays on the 4th line or on the bench. How about the russian defencemen that benning managed to piss of that could probably help us right now. Another brain fart by this management. To add to the pain Calgary is passed us in the standings. So it goes on and on
  2. The team is playing to get rid of this coach. Watch the bench.