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  1. Whatever motivates Petey to turn it up these last two games. Maybe back-to-back 5-point nights? I just discovered this thing:
  2. Perry has always been a consistent elite goal scorer, except so far this season. Not sure how long Anisimov can keep it up but it appears he is the safer bet at this point.
  3. Not to mention Megna called the Twins "Sedin sisters" or something like that on Twitter not too long ago.
  4. I suppose that it is too early and yeah we were expected to lose this trade. But this trade proves the value that MG saw in Horvat by trading away a franchise goalie for him. Horvat is already far ahead of Kesler in this point of their careers. At the time I was livid, but then after seeing Horvat play, I knew that we got something special in him; bittersweet for sure. And I wouldn't trade him back if we could because now we have Demko to look forward to. Demko literally follows in the footsteps of Schneider from College team to AHL team to hopefully soon NHL team in Vancouver.
  5. Who will win a Stanley Cup first? Bo Horvat or Cory Schneider? Canucks vs. Devils Stanley Cup finals? That would be super entertaining. Bo Horvat = GM MG's best move.
  6. Let's see if Jake misses playing at home and making the big bucks. Damn. Just realized Hunter Shinkaruk is doing better than Virtanen in both the NHL and AHL. I am aware that Shink was drafted a year before Virtanen. But Jake really needs to pick it up or else he will be traded. I just hope Virtanen has a beast inside of him ready to take over and BEAST-MODE it up. Mathematically, 18>17. Therefore, Virtanen > Kesler.
  7. Michael Grabner is tied for 2nd in goals with Sidney Crosby.

    1. Devon Jade

      Devon Jade

      We sure could use a top 6 scorer like Grabner. 


      We should have drafted him...


      Oh wait.

    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      Whatever. Had he stayed here he likely would have retired by now. 

  8. Why can't we just create our own free version on CDC?
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