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  1. Did anyone happen to record Toronto Raptors vs Vancouver Grizzlies November 1995 game that was shown on TSN last week? Missed it. TSN isn't posting the games on-line.

    1. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      I think the Grizzlies lost:bigblush:

  2. How come CDC doesn't display using old Fire Fox version?  

    1. Gaudette Celly

      Gaudette Celly

      What's frustrating is that even the latest version does not resolve tweets and other social media correctly any more.

    2. Alflives
  3. Is it possible to download AEW Dynamite broadcast from tsn.ca somehow? Screen capture doesn't turn out very well.

  4. Has anyone seen TSN Ad commemorating Bianca winning U.S. Open? Saw it one time but haven't seen it again. Searched everywhere on-line but can't find it.

    1. Wilbur


      That's about par for the course, they wouldn't show the US Open final on the main channel so why would they commemorate it on the main channel...yes, still bitter at TSN.

    2. Pears


      If it doesn’t involve the Leafs there’s a 95% chance they won’t care

  5. Does anyone know if this music that plays at movie theater during pre-show advertisement is actual song/music or not?


    Skip to 2:12







  6. Did anyone ever tape any episodes of "Retro 30" (music countdown playlists from 80s/90s/00s) that used to air on M3, which is no longer around and became Gusto?

  7. Does anyone know what Commercial was for where a father tries to contact his daughter on her mobile phone (calling or texting - I forget which) but when she doesn't answer father starts yelling for her to pick up and shouts out profanity word which is censored. Daughter is shown asleep on chair.


    What was this Commercial for or who was the company that did this? I saw this a few months ago.

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    2. Rounoush


      I remember an ad like that but it was a woman calling her friend, not a father.


      ...Oh man, I remember an ad? I'm so ashamed of myself... :picard:

    3. fivethej


      @Tre Mac Kal Tire says that isn't their commercial.

    4. Tre Mac
  8. Which is better to use on smart phone Avast or Malwarebytes?


    Is running both not safe?

    1. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      I run Malwarebytez. I have used Avast in the past and it seemed to do the trick.


      Personally, between having an extensive background in computers and not the patience for waiting on them, I don't like running the real time software and most certainly would not run multiple programs because it just makes the device so...damn...slow.


      Now, whether or not they cause conflicts for each other could very likely come down to device model and software versions. If you do so desire to run both, I would research the software release notes as well as bring up the topic in the accompanying forums for each software company.


      Hope this helps, good luck.

  9. Is there anywhere I can find playlist of songs used during Canucks 2011 Playoff run to Stanley Cup Finals?

  10. Does anyone know the name of this song in the video? It's the song at the very start.




    1. mll


      'Dogs of war' - Brand X Music

    2. Roberts


      Best intro in sports history


    3. nuckin_futz


      Download an app called Shazam. It will identify virtually any song.

  11. What was TV Ad for where a guy talks about nearly throwing up first time he smokes a cigarette? Or who did this?


    I saw this last year in 2017 quite often.

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    2. luckylager


      It's a nicorette ad... (A few different people having their last smoke(s) in the first place they lit up) Overly sentimental dialog glorifying the dying.


      Time for some TMI


      I &^@#ing love hate smoking so bad. Hate love it... Addict.


      I quit smoking cigs a couple years ago, but I started vaping... I know, it's really weird. Awkward and douchey.


      But after going on again-off again, cold turkey, gums, patches and falling every time... I resigned myself to the reality that I was an addict and I should try to quit in a way that didn't make me a grumpy, horrible person; angry at the world because I knew I'd set myself up for failure.


      I started vaping the heaviest nicotine dose available at the time (24mg) and gradually worked my way down to 2mg. It's been over a year since I took my vape to work or out in public.


      I still have a few vapes in the evening once the kids have gone to bed and there's no one around to see me. I'm embarrassed by it yet I'm afraid to fail at quitting again. So I just closet vape the lowest available nic dose at night when no one can see me... Nicotine.



    3. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      @luckylager Don’t feel embarrassed since you’re actually using it to try and quit instead of to “look cool”. Keep fighting the good fight my friend, maybe one day you will be able to quit for good.

    4. Ghostsof1915



      THE SEATBELT SIGN IS ON!!!! GOD (under her breath) :lol:

  12. NHL will let Canucks have top 3 pick when the draft is in Vancouver next year.

    1. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      Hope you’re right. Bowen Bryan here we come

  13. Does anyone know person that had Vancouver Grizzlies Archive youtube channel? It had lots of Grizzlies videos.

  14. Gas 142.9 in Victoria. What a joke. On top of tax NDP just brought in for transit.

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    2. coastal.view


      i spend more monthly on feeding my vehicle

      then i do on feeding myself

      it just feels wrong :P


    3. -AJ-


      Just got gas. Turns out it was actually $1.29/litre. Blegh.

    4. Shift-4


      I filled up for 103.9 on Sunday

  15. 1040 had a poll about trading Boeser for #1 overall to draft Dahlin,. Don Taylor said he would do it.




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    2. J-23


      I have kind of the same idea as you @canuktravella


      This is, if the Sedins retire.


      Pettersson - Horvat - Boeser

      Virtanen - Gaudette - Goldobin/Free Agent/One day Gadjovich

      Baer - Sutter - Granlund

      Archibald - Gaunce - Eriksson


      Juolevi - Dahlin/Boqvist/Dobson

      Gudbranson - Tanev 

      Pouliot - Stecher



      Free Agent Veteran/Mentor

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Let's not trade our best rookie since Bure.

    4. SedinMadness


      no... no trade. they would rip the canucks off who ever it it is... they would want more than boeser.

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