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  1. Want to play but have a busy schedule this month. Need to have 20+ games with all the OG's in the Summer or something.
  2. Does Lind get in on the 16th?
  3. Was wondering what Gaud's future with the Nucks was a couple of days ago, especially with the team having a lot of confidence in Lind at the center spot.
  4. Habs are about to go on a 10 game losing streak. Time for our Stanley Cup run
  5. Dark mode looks so good. 

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    2. Ghostsof1915


      Too dark. Black on white is easier to read.

      But super nova white is a bit too intense as well. 

    3. Maginator


      Perfect for bedtime forum on my phone.

    4. Toni Zamboni
  6. That Loui - Bo - Pearson empty net year was something else though . It was nice seeing Loui finish those games off with the empty netters
  7. Just finished all these veterans shows like Breaking Bad, Lost, Walking Dead and GOT during quarantine and now I feel like I have nothing to do . Best or underrated shows out now?
  8. I like this update. Looking forward to dark mode though. Dark mode just hits different.
  9. Thanks for hosting Aladeen. Fun game.
  10. Not for the Maf We thought it was gg's for us after this post.
  11. TP about to tear each other apart now.
  12. NIK aka I had falc and j as w/w since the beginning doesn't vote out Falc.
  13. Look at how he saved his scum buddy Falc.
  14. The amount of desperation in NIK is embarrassing. Look at how his tone has changed last hour. NOT A GOOD LOOK.
  15. You switched 5 minutes before as well. Stop trying to twist things. DESPERATE SCUM
  16. @DarthMelvin my vote was on Falc, if NIK voted Falc we take out Falc and no sheriff lynch. But No NIK votes Dava instead. He said in R3 I had j and falc as w/w since the beginning Then why didn't you vote out Falc when you had the chance.
  17. Thank you, you don't lynch a potential sheriff like that.
  18. I thought it was bed time? Oh right desperate last hour scum lying and doing whatever to push their w/w feelings. Not a good look bud.
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