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  1. Thanks Brother, I do mean well for everyone! Especially my fellow Canadians, and my Canucks. Also you Fine people, I would like for us too schedule a meet and greet between CDC.
  2. Ahhhjjjjj,,..........I can’t get into this. CDC will castrate me.
  3. Honestly guys Ladies/Gentlemen, it’s just my POV, meaning Point Of View, it’s just an opinion. We ARE all CANUCKS.
  4. CDC is where I come to have fun, we ARE FAMILY, right...Canucks fans? Remember that.?
  5. @Me_, don’t give me those confused emojis, lol, I do like you.
  6. Just like Covid-19, please screen shot this. So we can talk about this within a couple of years from now?
  7. All of you “Members” are on here,
  8. Ok @bishopshodan, I LOVED you’re Carlton post
  9. Yeah ok bye, this forum isn’t hockey anymore. All of you come to this thread. Yes I do too, because no one wants too talk hockey anymore.
  10. The Aquamen for CDC, Comissioner.
  11. I used to enjoy logging on here, now all the talk is this bull$&!# thread, this should be a hockey forum. Not smart asses trying to prove a point.
  12. Would you like to do a Math-Off? Math is my subject. Or do you want to try and insult me, lol
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