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  1. Interestingly, if you remember Craig Wolanin (ex NHL'er), it was his son who made that pass, drafted by Ottawa
  2. One of the biggest traits that coaches, scouts etc have stated about Brock Boeser is the guy oozes character. He is modest, respectful, and 'old school' type of person - to me that sounds like the type of person who will recognize and appreciate the team that drafted him and wants to give him a chance to live out his dreams. Given what he's dealt with in his personal life, I think his maturity and character will remind us of another young player in our stable #53. If I was to bet, I'd be putting money on the fact that Brock Boeser is not the 'me first' type person that
  3. Yes of course but we didn't 'miss' is the point - reality was no one knew they could EVER get him out of the Czech republic - unless one could have predicted the fall of the soviet union (which controlled czech) and had political clout in eastern europe at the time So making such comments as a 'snipe' against the canucks drafting is idiotic And clearly the fact he FELL to FIVE should tell people something given he was considered a unanimous generational talent (which he lived up to)
  4. Exactly, I have seen so many people here complain about that draft and how we 'missed' on Jagr. I remember that draft as I was AT it at BC place and was a young kid. I also recall as you mentioned, that EVERY team had Jagr is the best player and sure fire #1 if they knew they could get him out. No one knew they could and even Pittsburgh who drafted him did not know but they did have political connections (somehow) via Ivan Lendl the famous Czech tennis player - he was a key part of getting Jagr out. No one 'missed' on Jagr in the 4 picks prior they just didn't want to t
  5. I am not sure how much of the local kid aspect played into their decision vs his 'toolbox'. I don't think anyone can argue that his tools, if can put them together, would make him an impact player in the NHL We've seen him destroy men 8 years his senior with hits as a 19 yr old, be one of the fastest players on our team, and snipe some really nice goals. I actually never thought he was a 'bad pick' at 6 but rather not OUR best pick. But my view on why Benning chose him is not because he was local, but because of the above - an incredibly physical, fast winger who could
  6. First post on this site so be nice! I do have the best name here though but I am not related to the kid or his dad! LOL On Jake a few comments that I have regarding his play, future, and expectations. Firstly, I was one of many who felt Nylander or Ehlers was a better choice at draft day. I mentioned this to many friends at the time and its not that I don't see what Benning liked about Jake's 'toolkit' but rather, at that time, and still today, we really needed to find a replacement for the 'elite' skill of Hank and Danny. Bo is part of that equation, and likely Boeser,
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