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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the fact JB asked everyone to wait while he figured out he OEL deal that never happened may have left a bad taste in a few players mouths. Sucks but that's the price we pay I guess...
  2. I think letting Taney go was the right decision at this time, yes he's been great here but his game is in decline all those injuries adding up. Honestly think Calgary is going to regret this one...
  3. So does this thread get locked now?
  4. Yes so the trade has to happen by noon EST tomorrow or he stays a Coyote. Trade can happen at 11:59... I know feels like it's dragging on...
  5. Problem is that Vegas isn't offering to retain money on Fleury, they are asking a team to take 50% of his salary for a 2nd round pick and then Fleury gets traded to someone else and Vegas gets that return lol that's some pretty dodgy dealing there not surprised no one is willing to help them do that for only a 2nd round pick...here let us help you circumvent the contract you have with MAF so you can get a better return when you trade him to another team...lol
  6. They are one atrociously run organization that's for sure...
  7. I was thinking the same thing. Non of the guys ranked in the first round (other than Lafrenniere and Byfield of course) really impress me. Maybe it's because I really didn't pay much attention to the prospects this year due to the Canucks not having a first or second round pick plus the whole Covid thing...
  8. I think we all saw that own goal and were thinking 'no where to go but up' how wrong and disappointed we have all been.