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  1. Seems like it turned out okay for him lol glad to have him back though
  2. Yes they can. Carolina gave Dougie Hamilton’s agent permission and so did Toronto with Zach Hyman
  3. Yes but probably be a good idea to put it on recirculate if it has that option
  4. This is a great signing for the Canucks (if it’s true) he was very good when he played here and he has been very good in Tampa. Seems like he figured out what his strengths and weaknesses are and plays the way he needs to be effective without trying to do too much.
  5. Reading responses to this tweet from Boston fans they are quite excited about the possibility of getting Holtby and most are expecting it to cost them at least Vladar...
  6. Nice signing for Detroit, good guy to help mentor the young defenders and a decent price
  7. Funny I actually thought JB might be able to move Jake to the Habs for something useable. Seems like Bergevin likes these kinda guys...
  8. And he is the son of former Canuck Bert Robertson!!
  9. I thought this kid withdrew himself from the draft? Really classy Bergevin...
  10. They are trying to trade it to the Canucks for Nate Schmidt lol
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