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  1. It really does make me so happy seeing the young guys getting a chance now that the Canucks are eliminated from playoff contention...good job Green
  2. I really do hope we see an announcement similar to what we have seen already in Columbus and Arizona were the team and the coach 'have agreed' to part ways. That is the best case scenario as far as I am concerned at this point!
  3. Watch the idiots at the DoPS suspend him and then be completely shocked when the next Rangers Capitals game is another fight filled affair...do they play again this year?
  4. Yes read somewhere that Utica had applied to the AHL to change their name to the Devil's for next season
  5. Good on the Rangers standing up to the league. Parris needs to step down and the league needs to get this egg off their face. Until they start taking 'Player Safety' seriously the NHL will always be the joke of the four major sports leagues.
  6. At this point I will drive to the city and pack all of the coaching staff (excluding Ian Clark love the guy!) their bags and drop them off at the airport. In fact I am almost ready to pack Benning's bags too....had enough of the cluster f$#& that is this organization...
  7. Is Juolevi injured? Why does Travis Green love Chatfield so damn much, the guy is a borderline NHLer at best...
  8. Exactly....have a feeling Gaudette is going to bust out playing with Patrick Kane.
  9. Try turning your device sideways...had the same problem with my iPhone
  10. Yes but at 100%? Some of the players still are not at 100% months later...
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