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  1. Exactly....have a feeling Gaudette is going to bust out playing with Patrick Kane.
  2. Yes but at 100%? Some of the players still are not at 100% months later...
  3. Didn't know that. But I do know he smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. He was often seen smoking in between periods...
  4. Give him a couple packs of cigarettes too. Worked for Guy LaFleur...seems like management has tried almost everything else...
  5. Yes but he is not St. Louis property like the rest of the Utica shooters were...
  6. It will be interesting to see if Lind winds up back on the wing in the NHL or if they like him more as a center.
  7. Really think this kid was a steal in the 3rd round...
  8. Awesome win for the Comets and fantastic to see Gadjovich get his 8th in 9 games (Good job big guy!) But I am curious why they had 4 shooters in the shootout but none were Vancouver property. Is it Drew Banister's job to pick the shooters rather than Cull?
  9. Lol yeah Bettman will figure out a way to nail the Canucks with another cap recapture penalty...
  10. I don't know. I almost prefer to see Rathbone in Utica as far away from our coaches as possible. I think Trent Cull will make sure he is nice and confident for next season...
  11. I have been anxiously awaiting this kids arrival since he decided to stay home with his brother for an extra year. Kid can skate and has a booming slapshot! Great to see him make such a great AHL debut!
  12. I don't even know what to say anymore, Green was telling reporters that he could see the momentum switching to the Oilers advantage...yet once again he refused to use a time-out. So beyond frustrated...
  13. Nazarov has his nose buried so deeply up Putin's ass he is now not a brown noser but a total $&!#head!
  14. Noticed something the last 3 or 4 games, almost every turnover the Canucks make is because the defenseman gets the puck in his own end and the forwards are all at centre ice waiting for a pass...how about a little support for the guy with the puck?!
  15. Can't believe Montreal lost 3 in a row and fired the coach...yet TG still has a job!?!?!
  16. I remember big Al MacInnis from the Flames laying on the ice in the corner after a big Sandlak hit
  17. Judging from the rest of his posts on Twitter I would say 'Yes'
  18. Sadly alot of the time it's all about being 'Click Bait'
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