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  1. So Detroit is buying out Yamamoto and didn't qualify Kostin...seems kinda shady to me. Watch for a 'Thank You' trade between Edmonton and Detroit in the future....
  2. Nice pick! Promising player who played for the USNTDP before Kitchener. Hockey News had him ranked 43rd.
  3. What? Wasn't Adam Fantilli in college hockey? Or is that considered University hockey and it's different?
  4. We've been fortunate to see several great players wear Canucks colors over the years...
  5. Nice to see management recognize that Stillman wasn't working out and doing the right thing and moving on...
  6. I can picture in my mind exactly how badly Rutherford is fidgeting in his chair right now...
  7. Watched one of his fights a week ago, definitely one to keep an eye on I think....
  8. I read an interview with Patrick Alvin awhile back and he said Filip will be on the team next season...they are very high on this guy.
  9. What an absolute disaster....they need to just change the team name to the Vancouver Titanic...
  10. I hear they like this Olli Virtanen kid. Looks like a cross between Todd Bertuzzi and Nicklas Lidstrom....
  11. They have recalled Collin Delia under emergency conditions....
  12. He honestly doesn't have any say where he goes. His no trade clause doesn't kick in until his new contract comes into effect. So he kinda opened himself up to an unlimited market and may have done the Canucks management a big favor by signing that deal (Of course it would have been better if his play hadn't been so off this year so far)
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