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  1. Congratulations to Jonah on his first NHL point tonight, primary assist on a goal by Jasper Weatherby....
  2. I have noticed that a lot of the players the Canucks have drafted out of the CHL leagues dominate because of either their physical maturity and/or quickness. But once they are playing against professionals those advantages aren’t as prominent and many can’t seem to adjust...just a personal observation
  3. 5-2 Canucks. Burroughs with the game winner!
  4. Philadelphia eh? The Metro is a tough division, you’ve got Reaves on the Rangers, Matt Martin (not sure he’s that tough but he sure is willing) on the Islanders not to mention the Time Bomb (Tom Wilson in case you didn’t know) on the Capitals! Zach’s knuckles may have a long year!! Wish the guy nothing but the best...
  5. I am still not convinced that Green is the right coach at this time, it would not surprise me if we have a different person behind the bench before Christmas, he has made a lot of questionable calls in my humble opinion regarding player deployment and his stubborn refusal to use timeouts drives me crazy. But I am not going to cheer if he gets fired, I would be happier if he can win coach of the year...just not counting on it edit: oh crap forgot this was the GDT! Go Canucks Go!!
  6. Last I read he was undergoing tests and it was undetermined at that point what the cause was.
  7. Nice to see some of the prospects getting off to good starts...
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