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  1. Corey Schneider had not won a game since Dec.17. 0-10-2 since. !!!!!!!

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    2. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      I have a friend who's a devil's fan and he didn't like the schneider trade then, and doesn't like it now. Wìshes they would have Horvat instead lol

    3. SliteriousBlackbeard


      Yeah that must be tough! The hall trade was genius though. Win some and lose some!

    4. JV77


      Meanwhile Luongo finished this past season with his 2nd best SV% of his career! Better than 2011

  2. “Well, I think [their chemistry] played a part in [drafting Pettersson].” Benning admitted. “They have good chemistry together; they both had really good seasons; they can read off each other. Pettersson could find where Dahlen was. Dahlen is good in the corners and in front of the net; Pettersson had the vision to know where he was at and to find him and set him up for scoring chances.”

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    2. SliteriousBlackbeard
    3. NUCKER67


      Very interesting. Geez, Bert was a big boy eh? lol  Jake isn't too far behind, but I feel that Jake makes questionable plays at times, I know he's still learning, but he's got one go-to move. Fly up the boards as fast as he can and cut to the front of the net for a shot, or try a wrap around. He needs to slow things down, assess whether to make a pass or take it himself. But once he gets the puck, he's gone. Good problem to have I suppose, that size and speed, but he's not exactly a playmaker.  

    4. SliteriousBlackbeard


      Bert wasn't either and he got traded....to the canucks! But I agree he has work to do!

  3. St.Louis vs Colorado should be an amazing game tonight if your looking for a game! Winner makes the playoffs.

  4. Tryamkin is coming back as soon as his contract is up!!!





    .....I wish.

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    2. Odd.


      screw him

    3. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      ban hammer for fake news 

    4. Down by the River

      Down by the River

      Lock, ban, delete, excommunicate, etc.

  5. Canucks fans not supporting there team. Seats are empty. They are only there when team is winning. Im sorry but if tickets for $50.00 for behind the bench or front row like Florida, it would be sold out overnight lol 

    1. Alflives


      Totally agree.  We subsidize those crappy US markets with our expensive seats.  

  6. What would you give up to trade for Ryan Oreilly? He's 27 and makes 6.2 AAV.  6'1", 216lbs. His character always stood out to me. Something younger guys can learn from if the Sedins retire.

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    2. Western Red

      Western Red

      Great player and question, but not a fit here going forward. His AAV is fair.

    3. 48MPHSlapShot


      We already have our Ryan O'Reilly. His name is Bo Horvat. 

    4. SabreFan1


      Unless the Twins retire or are traded, ROR is too expensive for the Canucks to have on the payroll.


      As for his play, he started out the year slowly offensively, but eventually got into the swing of things.  The Sabres still need him for his work ethic and leadership.  He's one of the few players for the Sabres that actually has either of those attributes.

  7. If we drafted Rasmus Dahlin. Would you trade him for Connor Mcdavid?

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    2. SabreFan1


      @SliteriousBlackbeardI'm relatively sure that he was kidding. :lol:

    3. SliteriousBlackbeard


      Wait one year Dahlin will show he's gonna be one of the greatest defensman and Edmonton is still at the bottom of the standings fans will for sure want a change. 

    4. -AJ-


      McDavid is probably better, but Dahlin fills a void we desperately need filled. For our purposes, I'd just keep Dahlin.

  8. How many games, this is getting ridiculous???? Blackhawks’ Duclair injured after Bruins’ Marchand clotheslines him



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    2. Coconuts


      How many times does he gotta pull this crap before they throw the book at him? He's pulled worse crap than Torres ever did yet he always gets away with a slap on the wrist.

    3. Wilbur


      Like @ReggieBushsaid.  He was staring right at him.  Very intentional.

    4. -SN-


      I can't believe the mental gymnastics people must go through to think that's unintentional. 

  9. Would you support a high speed train connecting Vancouver and the Fraser Valley? Connecting affordable housing as far as hope to jobs in Vancouver!


    Edit: I seen this on the Vancouver Sun we page. What to hear CDC thoughts!

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    2. Alflives


      Didn't there used to be commuter trains from the Valley to Vancouver 100 years ago, and it was electric too?  Nice and clean.  I guess that was a bad idea. 

      People will not (likely) give up their cars, especially now the Fraser crossings are toll free.  Get the tolls back and raise the rates!  Tax the Valley!!!  If people are going to commute, which pollutes the environment so badly (see, I'm a environmentalist) they should bloody well pay through the proverbial nose.  Why aren't these commuters living in Vancouver, or closer to where they work anyway?  Who needs a house in the Valley when a luxury 100 square foot concrete box down town is the same price?   Selfish, and only thinking about themselves and right now.  None of them think about the damage they cause to our environment. that's what I say.  B)

    3. SabreFan1


      C'mon Canada, build a hyperloop!  How cool would that be?!

    4. luckylager


      Great idea. We need operating on the South Island too.

  10. Would you trade Loui for Lucic?

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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Lucic hasn't magically turned into a respectable player recently.  Death threats in the handshake line and roid rage after a clean hit aren't actions you want any hockey player emulating.

    3. SliteriousBlackbeard


      I don't mind some physical emotion, sometimes things get too heated but that can happen to any player imo. Obviously emulating the highlighted items you brought to my attention are not situations that should be in hockey. But I do want that physical style in our game!


    4. Green Building

      Green Building

      Lucic hasn't been playing like the guy you want him to be. He's been completely ineffective compared to last year, and needs to make some changes to his game to even pretend he'll be earning the next 5 years of his deal. I know Eriksson has been an incredibly unfortunate letdown, but Lucic isn't the guy to make it all better.  


      Not to mention he would probably resent playing here based on how Vancouver fans treated his family. It's not a good fit for any reason at all.

  11. In 2019 canucks will acquire many first second and third round picks. But bettman knows it will be one of the worst drafts in history. He walks away laughing!

  12. Vegas gave up a 2018 first round pick for Tatar? I hope it was there lottery pick. Are they not guaranteed top 5 or 6?

    1. Green Building

      Green Building

      No, that was last season only. They are back in line with the rest of the league now, and will draft based on their end of season standings.

  13. Might be hard though! All sold out on eBay!
  14. If he keeps this up, after two more seasons, he's gonna want more money. He wanted Ice time and left because he did not get it. He's going to command top dollar or wait till we don't have his rights.
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