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  1. Would you support a high speed train connecting Vancouver and the Fraser Valley? Connecting affordable housing as far as hope to jobs in Vancouver!


    Edit: I seen this on the Vancouver Sun we page. What to hear CDC thoughts!

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    2. Alflives


      Didn't there used to be commuter trains from the Valley to Vancouver 100 years ago, and it was electric too?  Nice and clean.  I guess that was a bad idea. 

      People will not (likely) give up their cars, especially now the Fraser crossings are toll free.  Get the tolls back and raise the rates!  Tax the Valley!!!  If people are going to commute, which pollutes the environment so badly (see, I'm a environmentalist) they should bloody well pay through the proverbial nose.  Why aren't these commuters living in Vancouver, or closer to where they work anyway?  Who needs a house in the Valley when a luxury 100 square foot concrete box down town is the same price?   Selfish, and only thinking about themselves and right now.  None of them think about the damage they cause to our environment. that's what I say.  B)

    3. SabreFan1


      C'mon Canada, build a hyperloop!  How cool would that be?!

    4. luckylager


      Great idea. We need operating on the South Island too.

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