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  1. “Well, I think [their chemistry] played a part in [drafting Pettersson].” Benning admitted. “They have good chemistry together; they both had really good seasons; they can read off each other. Pettersson could find where Dahlen was. Dahlen is good in the corners and in front of the net; Pettersson had the vision to know where he was at and to find him and set him up for scoring chances.”

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    2. SliteriousBlackbeard
    3. NUCKER67


      Very interesting. Geez, Bert was a big boy eh? lol  Jake isn't too far behind, but I feel that Jake makes questionable plays at times, I know he's still learning, but he's got one go-to move. Fly up the boards as fast as he can and cut to the front of the net for a shot, or try a wrap around. He needs to slow things down, assess whether to make a pass or take it himself. But once he gets the puck, he's gone. Good problem to have I suppose, that size and speed, but he's not exactly a playmaker.  

    4. SliteriousBlackbeard


      Bert wasn't either and he got traded....to the canucks! But I agree he has work to do!

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