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  1. It's his name on Kik. They talk about trades approve or disapprove anyone's team. I forget what gm TRR is
  2. Should be fired. If a trade that looks like Moulson For 2019 second Elie Get someone fired. I understand it was because patrick Kane wanted him. But that was a immature move. I needed the contract but I'm not just gonna take on any contract. That would be stupid.
  3. I'll bet you $5000 I'll have more cups than you by the end of this. Unless your too much of a bitch?
  4. This is why I got kicked because you wanted him? I needed the contract.
  5. I needed the cap. Elie 2019 second For Moulson 5.5 million To help reach the cap floor and I'm fired? Makes no sense
  6. It wasn't even a bad trade. I do need players to reach the cap floor?
  7. They won't let the trade through. They are saying it completely lopsided in your favor.
  8. Looking for prospects? Center prospects particularly? PM me. Let's work out a deal!
  9. Looking to move two 2018 first round picks (New jersey & St. Louis). Looking for LW/RW.
  10. is he playing with mcdcvid and kessel on the first line? lol
  11. If your gonna win the cup or have a huge chance (top 4 in league), sure maybe. IMO
  12. All players available excluding goldobin and Buch
  13. 1st+prospect for a player that announced their retirement... little steep, no?
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