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  1. Out/Likely Out Eriksson Beagle Roussell Virtanen Edler Sutter In Garland Dickinson OEL Players likely still to be traded Holtby Schmidt OEL will be much better now that he has a competent team and players he can pass to. OEL will return to form no doubt in my mind. Once we move Schmidt and Holtby we free another 10m in cap space. We need to find a 3c/4c and a top 4 dman and our roster is set. Miller Pettersson Boeser Garland Horvat Hoglander Pearson Dickinson Podkolzin Motte ??? Hymore Hughes OEL Rathbone ??? Juolevi Myers Roster definitley looks improved in my opinion
  2. This is what I WANT happening this offseason Trade Virtanen+ Lockwood for Domi Trade Schmidt + 2nd Round pick + small add for Parayko Extend Parayko 7.5m x 7 years (sign and trade) Use our 9th OA to select Johnson/McTavish Trade Braden Holtby Buy-Out Beagle Buy Out Roussel Send Eriksson to the minors/retire Resign Edler 3.0m/ 1 yr w/bonuses Resign Hamonic 3.5/ 2 yrs Sign Ryan Getzlaf 2-2.5m/ 1 yr w/bonuses Domi Pettersson Boeser Miller Horvat Hoglander Pearson Getzlaf Podkolzin Motte Dickonson Hymore Hughes Parayko Rathbone Hamonic Juolevi Edler Demko Who better to mentor Podkolzin and further develop Horvat than Getzlaf? In two years time Johnson/McTavish will be ready to take over 3c.
  3. Trades To Van Reinhart To Buff Schmidt DiPietro Lind 2nd Round Pick 2022 3rd Round Pick 2022 (MIN) To Van Jordan Greenway 3rd Round Pick 2022 To Min 9th OA 2021 Eriksson 25% Retained Sign Adam Larsson 4.75 x 4-5 Edler 3.25 x 1 Sutter 2.5 x 2 Hamonic 2 x 2 Buyout Roussell Virtanen Expansion Draft Myers Greenway Pettersson Boeser Reinhart Horvat Hoglander Pearson Miller Podkolzin Highmore Sutter Motte Hughes Larsson Edler Rathbone Juolevi Hamonic The Canucks are looking for a 3c. Why not move Miller to 3c and look for a top 6 forward - Reinhart fits the bill and we finally have a winger for Horvat. Buff gets a d partner for Dahlin, a potential goalie for the future, a top 9 prospect in Lind and 2 draft picks to begin what i hope is the last rebuild for them. Greenway likely gets lost in the expansion draft if he stays in Minnesota. I love what Greenway brings to the table. We give up the 9th OA for a top 6 winger and lose the Eriksson contract. Win-Win for all involved?? I think Larsson would be the perfect d partner for Hughes and if we could get him for under 5, we absolutley need to explore this option. Im not 100% sold on Hamonic but not sure what other options are out there. Normally Id try to clarify further but its 3am and i just cant be bothered to do so.
  4. Why not Trade Miller, Schmidt, 1st in 2021, Woo for Seth Jones, Boone Jenner We get our 3c and 1d Sign Nugent Hopkins 6m x 5 Resign Edler 3m x 1 Resign Hamonic 2m x 2 Myers to Seattle in ED Roussell BUYOUT Erkisson (Retire hopefully) Podkolzin Pettersson Boeser Nugent-Hopkins Horvat Hoglander Pearson Jenner Motte Highmore Beagle Lockwood Hughes Jones Edler Rathbone Juolevi Hamonic
  5. Cheaper options for 3rd line? Less than 2.55m? Other than Gaudette, who?
  6. Talbot got 3.6 and is half the goalie Holtby is on a good day.
  7. Agreed. It’s actually much worse. Boeser is what most teams want thier 1st round picks to turn into.
  8. Some have him included as a sweetener to dump Eriksson. I would love to keep both him and Markstrom but we can only protect 1. After the Schneider for a top 10 pick and how it has played out, Demko likely only fetches a 2nd rounder. I don’t think we can land OEL without a top prospect (at least I think he’s still a prospect) like Demko. Smaller pieces and bad contracts aren’t going to get it done. Have to give to get to improve this team and OEL vastly improves this team on the backend. Arizona doesn’t have to trade OEL. I also haven’t read that he has demanded a trade. The only leverage we have is that Vancouver is one of two destinations he is willing to go to.
  9. OEL for Sutter Virtanen Juolevi or Rathbone or Woo Demko Eriksson Kuemper may be on the move and this could help push them to make the deal and she’s his salary. Demko can be thier future starter. Virtanen likely slots into thier 2nd line whilst Sutter takes over 3rd line Center duties which they seem to have a need for. Juolevi or Rathbone potentially gives them a top 4 damn. Eriksson gets them to the cap floor without having to pay real dollars which seems to the the real reason they are trying to move OEL out. We could then sign Markstrom, Toffoli and Tanev.
  10. Do we have the assets to acquire either to play along side Horvat? Discuss
  11. What I hope the Canucks Roster will look like in 2022-2023 (The year we win the CUP) Hoglander Pettersson Boeser Miller Horvat Podkolzin Toffoli Gaudette Anderson (CLB) Motte Haula MacEwan Lind Hughes Pietrangelo Juolevi Myers Rathbone Rafferty Woo Demko DiPietro
  12. Re-Sign Markstrom 4 years 22million prior to the draft Re-Sign Virtanen to 1 year 2.5million show me contract Re-Sign Leivo 3 year/6.6million Trade Demko and additional piece for 1st round pick (20-30OA) at the draft Mutual termination of Louis Eriksson's contract after bonus is paid. Trade Stetcher, Goldobin, Baertschi, Sutter, to whoever for whatever preferably 1 for 1 role players and/or picks Let Tanev walk (could trade Tanev for Barrie at the deadline) Sign JG Pageau 4 years/16million Sign Thomas Greiss 2 years/4.5 million Sign Barrie 6 years/45million Sign depth defenseman I firmly believe that Hoglander lands a spot on the big club right out of training camp. Miller Pettersson Virtanen Pearson Horvat Boeser Hoglander Pageau Gaudette Roussel Beagle Leivo Edler Barrie Hughes Myers Juolevi Rafferty/Trymakin Benn Faantenberg Markstrom Greiss DiPietro
  13. Oh man if we could get Lindholm in a Canucks Jersey..but barring an overpayment the Ducks never even consider it.
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