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  1. The cap space we have to sign a decent RHD and 4C will be minimal unless we move Schmidt and/or Holtby. Whether we move none, one or both of them will depend on the return and cost. Assuming we sign a cheap 4C and we move neither, then we can ice a D like this: OEL Schmidt Hughes Schenn Juolevi Myers (Rathbone) If Holtby is moved and a cheap backup signed, then we can afford to ice a D like this: OEL Schmidt Hughes Hamonic Juolevi Myers (Schenn) If we move Schmidt and keep Holtby, then we can
  2. If we are not moving Schmidt or Holtby, then depending on RFA signing values, I project we will only have around $2m available to sign a 4C and a RHD. In this case, Schenn at less than $1.25m could be just what the doctor ordered. Then we sign a 4C or 13th forward for league minimum and our roster is set. Miller Pettersson (7) Boeser Hoglander Horvat Garland (4.75) Pearson Dickinson (2.5) Podkolzin Highmore MacEwen Motte (13th forward, 750k) OEL Schmidt Hughes (6) Schenn (1.25) Juolevi Myers (Rathbone) Demko (H
  3. Dreaming....maybe we can trade Holtby at 50% retained for Debrusk. Then trade Debrusk + Schmidt to ANA for Manson + Volkov (Russian pal for Podz). Then trade Silovs for Stalock (EDM need a goalie prospect, Stalock is a decent cheap backup). Hoglander Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Garland Podkolzin Miller Volkov Highmore Dickinson Motte (MacEwen) Hughes Manson OEL Hamonic Juolevi Myers (Rathbone) Demko (Stalock)
  4. Well I guess Bonino won't sign with the Canucks, so no issue there! Might be worth trading Schmidt for Gudas, Holtby (30% retained) for M Subban, which will afford us the space to sign a decent young 3C such as Wennberg for $3.5m. Roster: Miller Pettersson (7) Boeser Hoglander Horvat Garland (4.75) Pearson Wennberg (3.5) Podkolzin Highmore Dickinson (2.5) Motte (Graovac, 750k) OEL Hamonic (2.5) Hughes (6) Gudas (2.5) Juolevi (1) Myers (Rathbone Bowey) Demko (Subban, 850k)
  5. Ty Smith is a lesser version of Hughes with terrible defensive play. If we traded Quinn I would be aiming for something like.... To VAN: Zacha + Wood + N Foote + K Bahl To NJD: Hughes
  6. My preference is to trade Schmidt for Gudas and sign Bonino as our 4C. Bring back Hamonic. Use our 3rd line as a matchup line and 4th line to provide secondary scoring:
  7. Yep 100% Alf, but the impact will be to allow $3.5m of cap to be used as replacement
  8. Putting Ferland onto LTIR will clear another $3.5m Garland will cost closer to $5m, Dickinson around $2.5m
  9. We would have to trade or buy out Holtby to afford Cernak + Johnson, but I think TBL want to clear contracts, not take on cap. This deal only nets them $2m in cap space with one less roster player. Once they fill that roster spot at min of $750k then they only end up saving $1.25m in cap. I think TBL are more likely to trade Palat very cheaply, which will give them the cap space to sign a bunch of league minimum guys to complete their roster.
  10. Because Hamilton would cost 8-9m and we wouldn't have that much cap space just by moving Schmidt
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