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  1. Yeah the cupboard is pretty bare for LD depth right now. I understand Breezer is injured too, so just Hunt on the NHL roster and maybe Sautner in the AHL currently. If OEL or Hughes is injured we are in big trouble anyway just to cover the minutes those guys play!
  2. I would pick up Derek Grant. We do have the cap space and I think we need the bottom 6 depth and toughness that he could bring. Just waive Petan and Dowling to give a total of $1.5m in cap space. This reduces our forward roster to 12 players but my understanding is that Boeser is very close to returning, so he can be activated to bring our forward lineup to 13 men, with no impact on cap hit. Once Motte returns to the roster (again no additional cap hit since he is on IR) we waive Highmore or Chiasson, which then gives us an additional $725-750k of cap space and our forward lineup becomes: Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Garland Hoglander Dickinson Podkolzin Motte Grant Lammikko (Chiasson/Highmore) Edit: And none of those moves require us to reduce our D corps to 7 players, which as has been noted, could also be done.
  3. Yes he has but Hughes is still logging 27 mins per game so far, whereas OEL is playing 24-25 mins. That's not sustainable. We do need our third pairing guys to play a few more than 12 mins/game and take the load off these two guys during the regular season. The return of Hamonic should help with that as he can play 18-20 tough mins. Hopefully Hunt can be relied on to play 15 mins when he draws in (not that Rathbone needs the rest, but because he can hopefully take more pressure off QH and OEL).
  4. Yeah and I also like that OEL is paired with Myers. We actually end up getting more value out of Myers now as he is playing as a top pairing Dman.
  5. I'd give him a crack. The kid was playing some big and tough minutes in DET a couple of seasons ago when they lost vets to injury. Last season they brought in some more vets and reduced his role and his minutes to a manageable level, and he performed pretty well. I think he would be a good option to replace Hunt as our backup LD right now. Hunt is only signed for 1 season and he's 33 already. Cholowski could develop nicely with the big club over the next few years and be a decent young depth guy.
  6. Not a bad opening game. Think Boeser and Motte would make a massive difference. How long are they out for? Once healthy, Boeser comes back in to replace Chiasson and Motte slots into Highmore's spot, and then this team would be very good. Miller and Garland just have some rust to shake off. Happy with that 4th line. Lammikko played a solid game. Good pickup. Until Boeser is back I would like to see the PP like this: PP1: Horvat, Pettersson, Hughes, Hoglander, OEL PP2: Miller, Garland, Chiasson, Pearson, Rathbone
  7. ^ this. Strome is a massive defensive liability and he's not worth the $3m cap hit. I can see why CHI is interested in trading him. Pretty sure they will also want some kind of decent return for him, which also makes it a no-go. Things we need more: a top 6 RHD and another legit but cheap 4C.
  8. It looks like Chiasson may slot into Boeser's position until he is ready to play, which I don't mind if it helps the other lines to remain consistent and build some combinations that they didn't get to do in camp. Once Boeser and Motte are back I'd like to see: Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Garland Hoglander Dickinson Podkolzin Motte Lammikko Highmore (Chaisson)
  9. Absolutely, but winning the cup is the goal and you have to build for that. Most teams don't win much when they are rebuilding their core. And no team hits on every pick (even the high 1st rounders) NYI essentially rebuilt during the 2007-2014 seasons (and did a lot of losing during that period). They were then a middling team for 4 seasons and have only become a contender for the last 3 seasons 2018, 2019, 2020. First round picks that busted for NYI during their rebuild were Reinhart (#4 overall), Dal Colle (#5) and Ho Sang (#28). VAN have arguably been rebuilding our core from 2013-2018 and have been losing a lot. First round pick busts for VAN in that rebuild period were Virtanen (#6) and Juolevi (#5). We should be entering the middling stages as our core develops now (one good season in 2019, one bad season in 2020 so far).
  10. This is good...puts more of their existing roster players onto waivers... Seattle will be at 16 F, 8 D, 2 G (with Cholowski yet to be signed)
  11. Nah, Turris has fallen off the cliff (further than before) (and bounced....a few times). Last season 27 games averaging 12 mins/gm. At even strength 19 goals scored against him, only 8 goals for. In just 23 mins of penalty kill time the opposition scored 5 goals, that's almost 13 goals/60 mins. Absolutely atrocious! Can't even crack the bottom 6 on the Oilers. Stay away!
  12. I think Hamonic's pending demotion to the AHL is for two reasons: 1. He will not be back in time for the opening night so there's no need to keep him on the NHL roster right now (i.e. gives us another roster spot for someone else), and 2. They have worked out a plan regarding cap that includes Hamonic at $1.875m cap hit, which maximises the LTIR relief we will get.
  13. To VAN: Lauzon + Borgen To SEA: Juolevi + Woo + conditional 2022 3rd round pick Why for Seattle? Once they sign RFA Cholowski, Seattle will have 15 forwards, 9 Dmen and 2 goalies on their roster. None of them are waiver exempt. Gourde will go onto LTIR and then they will need to waive another 2 players. Both players they waive will be at risk of being lost for nothing. With the above deal Seattle trades away two Dmen that are outside their top 6 in exchange for: one player that is waiver exempt (Woo) and one player that is more likely to clear waivers (Juolevi). Seattle only receives the 3rd round pick if Juolevi is claimed off waivers (alternatively the deal could be structured as: VAN waives Juolevi and Seattle either gets Juolevi after clearing waivers or the 3rd round pick if he doesn't clear). Why for Vancouver? VAN gets two players to add to their NHL roster now. Both are young (so could have a long term future in VAN) and both can play RD, which is a weak side for VAN (especially with the Hamonic situation right now). Lauzon is a lefty that can play LD or RD equally well and can play top 4 minutes if required - could cover for Hamonic on US road games if that becomes a thing. Borgen is more of a depth guy right now, but at 24 he is a big bodied RHD who could develop into a top 4 Dman. He is good enough to replace Schenn/Bowey on our roster right now as our #8D and appears to have a similar ceiling to Woo, so losing Woo in this deal is more palatable. Thoughts?
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