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  1. Yes...but potentially the players on the taxi squad are "papered down" to the AHL while actually based with the team. If they are "called up" onto the active roster for an injury cover, then when you want to send them back down to the taxi squad they will have to clear waivers. There are plenty of young guys that are exempt from waivers, but guys like Hawryluk and Bailey are not, so it makes some amount of sense to use Eriksson on the taxi squad since he will not get picked up off waivers (also Baer, Benn, Sutter, etc). The other consideration is that if the AHL gets going next season, then it may be more beneficial to give the young guys playing time in the AHL instead of just training on the taxi squad, i.e. aid in their development.
  2. Theoretically the taxi squads need to be big enough to cover 2 weeks worth of potential injuries, since that is how long it will take to quarantine a replacement player into the taxi squad. I would expect that they will want a minimum of 3F, 3D, 1G in the taxi squad, especially if they are running a shortened active roster to save on daily cap hit.
  3. 100% agree. Taxi squads may allow us to run a reduced 20-man active roster whilst having a few replacement players quarantined on the taxi squad and ready to bring onto the active roster in case of injury. Ideally the taxi squad extras will not need to be part of the active roster (effectively "papered down" but with the NHL team instead of being in Utica). Guys like Eriksson and Benn would be perfect for the taxi squad, they are seasoned vets that can step in for an injury, we don't need to be concerned about losing them on waivers, we don't need to be worried about their development, etc. Hoping that Loui terminates his contract is wishful thinking IMO.
  4. I would go with a 20-man roster, with extra players on the taxi squad "papered down" so that we can save $1.075m of cap on the higher paid players... Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Virtanen Roussel Gaudette Ferland Motte Beagle MacEwen Hughes Schmidt Edler Myers Juolevi Rutta (signed for $700k to add vet presence on 3RD) Holtby, Demko The above roster gives us $2.15m in cap space, so helps to cover bonuses from 2020/21 and is just enough room to bring in 2 players from the taxi squad if required, before needing to put anyone on LTIR. Taxi squad extras: Sutter, Eriksson, Baer, Hawryluk Benn, Rafferty, Brisebois Kielly Hopefully there is an AHL season so that our young guys can get experience and game time to develop rather than being on the taxi squad...
  5. Good post. A couple of other thoughts... The NHL may allow taxi squads due to the virus and the need to keep a pool of quarantined guys at the ready who are not on the active roster. This may allow the Canucks to run a 20 or 21 man active roster and instead rely on the wider taxi squad to bring in injury replacements immediately if required. This could also allow the team to maximise the gap between daily salary hit and daily cap limit, for example guys like Benn may be "waived" but still based with the squad. This would save $1.075m in cap hit on Benn while he doesn't play, but he is available immediately if required because he won't be based in Utica and will have already been quarantined. Regarding the hole that we have on our rightside D. If he can't get Hamonic or Hainsey, I think JB could look at a veteran UFA who could be available at league minimum. Someone like Jan Rutta could be had for $700k on a one year deal. I think he would add a lot in that 3RD slot, size and experience, ability to play PK, etc. Could be a nice fit with Juolevi. Keep Rafferty and Benn on the taxi squad but not on the active roster until required. Potential 20-man roster: Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Virtanen Roussel Gaudette Ferland Motte Beagle MacEwen Hughes Schmidt Edler Myers Juolevi Rutta Holtby, Demko Wider taxi squad (waived but ready if required), saves almost $6m in cap hit: Sutter, Hawryluk, Eriksson, Baer, Benn, Rafferty
  6. Trade the off season as long as JB can sign Toffoli to a reasonable contract... To BUF: Virtanen + Eriksson (after signing bonus paid) To VAN: Future considerations BUF need forwards and currently only have 4 forwards signed for next season. Virtanen could be a fantastic young piece in their rebuild around Eichel and Dahlin. Eriksson is the price that BUF pays to be able to sign Virtanen long term. Eriksson has shown that he can still produce at NHL level and his cap hit is easily affordable for BUF (plus LE's salary cost is only $5m for the remainder of his contract). VAN needs to shed cap space for next season (i.e. Eriksson) and if they resign Toffoli they likely cannot afford to keep both TT and Virtanen in 2021/22 with the projected raises for EP and QH. Trade 2...also in the off season... To DET: Stecher + Benn + Baer To VAN: Future considerations DET need help on D for next season. They only have Nemeth, Cholowski on LD and Hronek on RD. Stecher could fill a major gap in the 1st or 2nd pairing as Seider continues developing. One year of Baer is the cost of acquiring two NHL Dmen. DET have a stack of young RFAs that require resigning, but they also have $35m in cap space. Baer could remain on the roster as 14th forward (replacing Gagner) or they could play him in the AHL. Either way DET can afford the small price of cap hit in order to recruit two NHL Dmen for their roster. Again VAN needs to shed cap. Tanev needs to be resigned which means we cannot afford to keep Stecher (likely replaced by Rafferty). Benn has been displaced by Fantenberg this season. Possibly we resign Fanta or Tryamkin returns to VAN. There is also Juolevi pushing for a place in the lineup. Canucks Lineup for Next Season: Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Toffoli Roussel Gaudette MacEwen Motte Beagle Sutter (plus Hoglander or Lind, if Ferland is on LTIR) Edler Myers Hughes Tanev Tryamkin Rafferty Juolevi Markstrom Demko