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  1. I guess if BUF are going full rebuild around Eichel, Cozens, Olofsson, Dahlin, Jokiharju & Ullmark, then they may want the a pick instead of a 24 year old depth Dman.
  2. Thanks. Yes I'd do that BUF trade but not sure BUF would want to throw Borgen in as an after thought. Sheehan is UFA so his rights not worth anything?
  3. They would only move Seth Jones if they absolutely feel that they will lose him for nothing in one year anyway. CBJ mgmt won't be letting on if that is the case but it is worth a crack to see what we could get. I would propose: To CBJ: Miller + Schmidt + 2021 2nd round pick To VAN: Jones + Jenner Then this to the Sabres (esp if they feel Reinhart will walk too): To BUF: 2021 1st round pick (unprotected) + Lind + Roussel To VAN: Reinhart Waive Loui, buy out Virtanen, sign Reinhart for $7m, total cap hit $80.5m per capfriendly
  4. Yes it looks good but unless we manage to offload Eriksson + Roussel's $9m cap hit, there's no way that roster fits under $81.5m. And that is a lot of future picks to trade away. The 2021 lottery 1st to BUF, multiple picks to clear LE+AR, plus picks to acquire Tierney. 100% agree that the Pearson signing was too early, both from a Seattle ED perspective and now the cap situation when good targets are available. Another factor is that Tierney and Risto only signed for one more season, so might be better to work towards this roster over next two off-seasons and get Tierne
  5. Firstly, thanks for taking a deep dive into the next 5 years and how it could look. Your big assumptions for next season are: Seattle selecting Holtby and putting Beagle on LTIR. I have heard Beagle is practicing with the team, so he is unlikely to be LTIR next season, plus I can't Seattle selecting Holtby. He is still a serviceable goalie but is only signed for 1 more season and actual cash salary is $5.7m. I think it is more likely Seattle pick either Gadjovich or Motte (whichever of the two JB leaves exposed). If these two assumptions don't happen then that is $4.8m of extra cap
  6. I was interested in discussing the future but couldn't resist replying to the LTIR conversation... Your statement above is correct. But the problem lies in the fact that in your OP you do not have Ferland's cap hit included in the $80.8m total. If you included Ferland's cap hit, then YES you would be able to get up to $3.5m of cap relief and be able to spend up to $85m. In leaving his cap hit out of the total and spending beyond $78.0m, you are effectively already using Ferland's cap relief.
  7. I was hoping this thread would be focused more on the longer term future than just next season. There was little bit in the OP about 2022 and beyond, but most of the discussion has focused on next season and assumptions that I think are moot points. Regarding next season, whether JB (or whoever our GM is) manages to move out Holtby, Beagle, Roussel, etc doesn't really impact beyond next year. By the end of next season all those older players will have moved on one way or another, and that is actually when it gets really interesting because we will have a lot of cap space, plenty of
  8. I heard a tweet from a couple of weeks ago when Beagle was back practicing with the team in a non-contact jersey, so I wouldn't be too sure that he is on LTIR all next year. Unlikely to be back this season though. It would be good to hear an update on his injury and prognosis. I agree that LE and Virtanen will be bought out (or possibly JV has contract terminated).
  9. Has there been any further word on Beagle? I saw a tweet (Dreger I think) that mentioned he was wearing a non-contact jersey and was practicing with the team a few weeks ago. He might not return this season but I would expect him back next season.
  10. Rathbone looks good at this level. what a beauty. TOI 16.20 tonight.
  11. Ideally: Protect Lind + Gadj. Lose Motte to Seattle for 2021-22. Resign Motte in 2022-23 as a UFA. Keep all 3 in the long run.
  12. My assumption with that lineup is that we protect Gadjovich, and so means Motte gets selected. I would then target getting him back 1 year later when he becomes a UFA.
  13. Yeah I get it. But I really wouldn't want to give up those futures just to clear cap space 1 season earlier than when their contracts expire. I would definitely buy out Eriksson because he is not even a roster player right now. May as well save some actual cash and reduce the cap hit next season. Roussel can be waived to make room for young players. Beagle is still a valuable 4C. I do like the idea of an Edler replacement. I think Larsson and Savard will be too expensive (over $4m), but Zadorov is an ideal replacement for Edler. Physical high minute player and still onl
  14. Risky strategy because we get rid of Rathbone + a top 5 pick just to clear cap space, and have no idea until free agency opens 1 week later whether Hamilton and Danault would even be interested. Frankly Rathbone looks like a keeper and the top 5 pick could be a very good player for us in a couple years. I would rather keep those Rathbone and the pick, buy out Eriksson + Virtanen, waive Roussel. We will likely lose Motte to Seattle, but he is replaceable (e.g. Paquette UFA) and Motte could be resigned in VAN as a UFA in 2022 as he appears to like being here. This all gives us enough
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