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  1. Sick of all the love the coaching staff gives hughes. All the pp time, all the 3 on 3 time all the turnovers, same mistakes...give others a chance!
  2. Ownership would never publicly announce that a GM can't do what he wants. Benning was brought in by Linden because he wanted to do a full rebuild from the get go hence bringing in Benning, someone who has a good reputation for drafting. Ownership obviously didn't let that happen at the pace Linden or Benning wanted so he left. So subtracting the first 3ish years of Benning's tenure (Ownership set us back), I'd say Benning hasn't done terribly in 4 years. I'd imagine if he was given the green light at the get go, the team would be a contender by now.
  3. 7 years sure, but also was not given the green light by ownership to do a full rebuild for his first 3ish seasons. He inherited a mess when he came in, and had to appease ownership to turn the team with the same roster into a winner. Past 4 years is more of a fair time period to judge him on.
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