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  1. Agreed. Benning wouldn't have been hired if he didn't appease the owners and agree to retool. It's just a sad situation for the fan base really. Have an owner who "wants to win", but isn't willing to let the professionals decide what's required and the GM gets roasted. Watch them now fire or not extend Benning, the new gm come, do his thing and put the team back additional years lol. Imagine how much further ahead the team would be if the professionals were given full autonomy...like Yzerman was in Tbay and now Det.
  2. "Turn around things quickly with that group"... I'm pretty sure ownership had a significant say in "turning it around quickly"..Linden fought back, but ownership didn't listen, so he quit, which i commend him for. Benning is a draft and build guy through and through and if he had full autonomy he would have 100% started rebuilding when he got hired. Instead, he just had to do what the dumb owners wanted, win now with a stale core, fail and lose options to trade players for picks. Sad part is, Benning shoulders the blame from the fans saying he had 7 years lol. Reality is the first 3 to 4
  3. I don't blame Benning, I blame ownership 100%. When Benning and Linden took over in 2014, it was painfully obvious that the Sedin era was over and that a rebuild was necessary. Rather than listening to what Benning and Linden recommended - a proper rebuild ownership decides to give a few more kicks at the can between 2014 and 2017 and forced a retool. If ownership actually took the advice, they would have got a good return (draft picks) out of our aging veterans, as well as higher draft positions from finishing lower in standings. Given Benning's great drafting skill, I firmly bel
  4. Sick of all the love the coaching staff gives hughes. All the pp time, all the 3 on 3 time all the turnovers, same mistakes...give others a chance!
  5. Ownership would never publicly announce that a GM can't do what he wants. Benning was brought in by Linden because he wanted to do a full rebuild from the get go hence bringing in Benning, someone who has a good reputation for drafting. Ownership obviously didn't let that happen at the pace Linden or Benning wanted so he left. So subtracting the first 3ish years of Benning's tenure (Ownership set us back), I'd say Benning hasn't done terribly in 4 years. I'd imagine if he was given the green light at the get go, the team would be a contender by now.
  6. 7 years sure, but also was not given the green light by ownership to do a full rebuild for his first 3ish seasons. He inherited a mess when he came in, and had to appease ownership to turn the team with the same roster into a winner. Past 4 years is more of a fair time period to judge him on.
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