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  1. What the extra 2 mil wed take real tough to eat 2 mil extra
  2. Imagine if Benning pulled off Schmidt for cernak and we eat Tyler Johnson contract
  3. Gudas would be rag dolling elbowing anyone who touched Quinn it’d be so perfect
  4. Holtby to any of those teams ahead of us to select him
  5. chibrikov Has bure written all over him that Russia factor might work in our favour
  6. Yes it looks good for who was left and if he can trade Schmidt for 2nd and walk out with 2 of those prospects I might just pat jim on the back
  7. Yes get it done Benning we could walk out with bunch cap and 2 great prospects
  8. Oh would Podz love chibrikov on his wing guy is a human highlight real
  9. If trade Schmidt for early 2nd we can easily walk out with 2 great prospects any of those 2 would be amazing
  10. Come on Benning trade Schmidt for 2nd and come out this draft with raty/stankoven/chibrikov and Morrow would be a big time win
  11. Trade 1 Nate Schmidt to montreal for 2021 2nd Jake evans resign hamonic 2x3.5 garland 4x4.25 hughes 4x6.5 petterson 3x7 Dickson 3x2.5 evans 2x1.5 buyout jake virtanen Braden holtby signings Cody Ceci 3x4.0 Alex wenberg 3x3.75 david rittich 2x2.5 Lineup jt Miller 5.2 Peterrson 7 boeser 5.8 garland 4.25 horvat 5.5 Hoglander 900 k Pearson 3.3 Wenberg 3.75 Podz 900 k motte 1.2 Dickson 2.5 evans 1.5 macewen 900 Total=43 mil
  12. Yes but Schmidt does not fit he could be good d man in right fit playing on his left side with defensive responsible right shot Defensemen he’s expenanble I assume he will be trading soon
  13. Or your lack of it we have 4 guys in our top 5 who very suspect defenders you think last year was bad wait tell next year if Benning doesn’t pick up two better defensive defenders ek and Hughes were a negative what and Schmidt was give away machine but don’t worry Schmidt will be traded and he will sign 2 guys who are better at defending
  14. That pairing is awful the puck wouldn’t love our zone for 2 minutes no way you can have ek Schmidt hughes myers in top 4 we need someone to actually play d
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