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  1. This defense is not good enough we all knew this Benning hasn’t done enough and we will struggle all year giving up 30 plus shots a game
  2. I was crucified at expansion draft for when I suggested we needed more on defense and giving up 2nd for team in trouble for guy like leddy or pulock or mayfield or graves was a must for Benning and he slipped up easily shows now leaving Schmidt or Joulevi exposed wouldn’t of hurt us now our d is weaker then a year ago and we’re in trouble Benning and greener are gonna take the axe for a early struggles and rightfully so just be prepared now for it.
  3. There’s no way I woulda took juolevi I said it then I’ll say now take best player available could you imagine our top 6 with thachuk in it
  4. And I remember being frustrated and laughed at cause I was mad at benning he didn’t aquire a leddy or graves or pulock for 2nd and leave Schmidt and Joulevi exposed now there both gonna be gone for near nothing sure wouldn’t mind a d of ek poolman hughes hamonic Graves Myers Rath
  5. We were at our best last year playing Miller at centre and I think this lineup would be absolutely a problem when healthy Podz Petey boeser Hoglander Horvat Garland Pearson Miller Gadz Motte Sutter Dickinson Highmore/Mac the puck retrieval of Hoglander and Podz would really set boys up nicely in Top 6 and all those lines should be able play against any line and Gadz has been our best player so far and absolutely gets claimed you play him up with Pearson and Miller and he will surprise that 4th line is gonna shut down a lot of good players and drive them nuts.
  6. Excactly and he shouldn’t neither should check out over 9 million and if they do it hurts the team going forward and shows they don’t acctually wanna win and you trade them the packages you could get for these guys would be insane Benning holds the power and I hope he doesn’t cave
  7. I acctually think if the Medicals check out and he can be fine we would be a better team with Eichel in lineup over petey and we could get quite package from someone for hughes like New Jersey the pressure to unite hughes it’s tough business but no way should these guys both check out over 18 mil if that’s case trade them
  8. If the rumour is true petey wanting over 10 and hughes wanting over 8 you get on the phone and you trade Eichel for petey and you take massive package for hughes and go on with it
  9. I’m okay with putting petey around 9 but at this point and time hughes is no way near 9 and if he’s holding up the talks get him out we want guys who want to play with a fair deal his value is sky high he hasn’t learned play d and shouldn’t come in over then 7
  10. It shouldn’t get ugly both of them are no way near 9 million and of the two it sounds like Quinn hughes is holding up the two so you make tough choice you trade him n re up petey my package would be Ryan graves pavel zacha 2022 1st Nolan Foote for Quinn hughes petey 4 years 8.5
  11. Jt Miller Tyler myers Dipietro 2022 1st top 15 protected for Eichel let’s go
  12. The contract is reasonable for bottom pairing d which he should be but the way Benning is talking about him he wants him be top pairing d which he will not be and be severely over his head which will cause a lot of ppls back lash on him he’s a 5/6 d can play odd game as number 4 but putting him with oe on top pair is unfair And similar to myers who is 4/5 d so I’m gonna say our d will not be improved time will tell
  13. If they don’t want reasonable caps at this point and time it’s a business the value on them would be insane you trade them petey for Eichel I’d take that
  14. I read flames are desperate for a d and missed on few in free agency olli juolevi 2022 3rd to flames for mangiapane then it’s gets an a plus offseason
  15. Depending on the price I wished he sign nic Ritchie big strong tough guy for extra depth give green more options of podz isn’t ready and has go ahl
  16. His offseason is not complete until he signs petey and Hughes and doesn’t get bullied around I’m proud of him for standing his ground the contracts he gives these guys can impact type of competive team we can become for next 3 years
  17. Screw pool man play this kid he’s mean tough and bring different element to the team
  18. They should bring Emil pettersson petey brother for more depth had great year last year in Swedish elite league
  19. Let’s all just be proud this may be what we call jb worst contract at 2.5 and it’s tradeable big sigh for me and round of applause for him now go sign a guy like dzingel for 1.5 mil for depth in forward group
  20. We’ll your gonna be really upset then when you wake up tom and see contracts like savard 5x5.5 and ceci 4x5 lmao
  21. Dougie 6x9.5 Hamonic 3x3 hughes 4x6 petey 3x7 paquette 2x1.5 halak 2x1.5 schenn 900 k
  22. I’m scared to wake up tom knowing the money he threw out there with questionable guys left on market
  23. Really worried about capspace they have and guys left on the market it just screams another cap he’ll signings coming for us
  24. Whatever price is it’ll be cheap for sure now with them taking Johnson contract hurry up Benning get on the phone
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