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  1. do you have a list of savvy competent gm's that are unemployed and looking to work in Vancouver?
  2. I can't speak for the team, but I've only just looked at the schedule, and it's depressing the hell outta me.. lots of 3 - in - 4's, 3 in a row against the same team, playing only 6 teams, never leaving the country.. not to mention all the covid protocol.. I wonder if the boys aren't all that excited?? although I suppose that's the same for every team.. no excuses!!
  3. agreed.. we need someone cheap who isn't part of the future and isn't a total liability..
  4. might be the straw that breaks the back of timrafan..
  5. Baer seems to be a great guy, always liked his attitude.. his track record, however, doesn't scream 'fine regular season player'.. career high 35 points and multiple injuries including concussion issues.. it might be in his best interest to retire after this contract.. Maybe he'd suit the taxi best this year, maybe that's what you were implying? and as you pointed out - where would he slot in? but in the long run anyway, I think the team has moved past him
  6. late to the discussion here.. has it been established who is offended? legit first nations complaints or simply virtue signaling from white sjw's? reason I ask - I know a handful of first nation people, all of which roll their eyes at this kind of stuff
  7. I only saw one angle but couldn't see a penalty.. was this a matt Cooke special?
  8. lol.. the Seattle Chazholes.. what would the logo be.........
  9. Maybe.. but what's the point without any fans? players wouldn't really like it, no money for owners from tickets sales.. lame-o.. either way, sounds like if Bill Gates gets his way, only vaccinated fans will have access to any professional sports events in the future.. crazy..
  10. Fraser was a stone cold beast.. yikes
  11. happy Gilmore was filmed in van so that makes sense.. no clue on the other shows
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