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  1. do you have a list of savvy competent gm's that are unemployed and looking to work in Vancouver?
  2. I can't speak for the team, but I've only just looked at the schedule, and it's depressing the hell outta me.. lots of 3 - in - 4's, 3 in a row against the same team, playing only 6 teams, never leaving the country.. not to mention all the covid protocol.. I wonder if the boys aren't all that excited?? although I suppose that's the same for every team.. no excuses!!
  3. agreed.. we need someone cheap who isn't part of the future and isn't a total liability..
  4. might be the straw that breaks the back of timrafan..
  5. Baer seems to be a great guy, always liked his attitude.. his track record, however, doesn't scream 'fine regular season player'.. career high 35 points and multiple injuries including concussion issues.. it might be in his best interest to retire after this contract.. Maybe he'd suit the taxi best this year, maybe that's what you were implying? and as you pointed out - where would he slot in? but in the long run anyway, I think the team has moved past him
  6. late to the discussion here.. has it been established who is offended? legit first nations complaints or simply virtue signaling from white sjw's? reason I ask - I know a handful of first nation people, all of which roll their eyes at this kind of stuff
  7. balls man.. why are people so inconsiderate? it's just common decency at the best of times, let alone during a global pandemic
  8. so it turns out. Fanta was a really good signing.. too bad Benn wasn't on the same deal - a one year league minimum show me deal. I'm guessing they were both signed as placeholders until big Tram, OJ etc were stepping in. still an upgrade on last season though I wonder if there's any weight to the Gud comment about lack of team defensive structure.. not that he faired too well after Van, but it's not a comment you hear everyday from ex players. and we see evidence all the time of defensive weakness. perhaps Benn would be better if NB was replaced?
  9. that's friggin brutal.. I thought most infected people could self isolate & ride it out at home.. does every patient in Italy actually need to be in a hospital? what happens if someone comes in with a legit problem (heart attack, industrial accident)?
  10. this is what bugs me.. fear mongering to generate more control hype and fear to such a degree that people have stopped thinking rationally and there's widespread panic.. obviously I don't want to catch this bug (or anyone to catch it) but I'm far more concerned with the economic impacts coming down the pipeline.. at first I was mostly annoyed by it all - not worried about it, but it felt like a senseless disruption.. now I feel like we're all lambs being led to the slaughter, whether a viral slaughter or an economic one..
  11. hmm.. agree to disagree on that. not that Motte isn't replaceable, but I'll take him over Roussel at this point, especially for the salary. I don't see that as an upgrade (although I will concede that I haven't seen what Roo can do in the playoffs) I would assume Hoglander will be a nice 3rd, maybe even 2nd liner.. Lind, at this point, my guess would be 3rd/4th line.. who knows where either peaks out.. but either way, I think Motte is an ideal 4th liner who has earned a spot, and we can't assume the youngbloods can automatically replace him just yet
  12. a couple years back I found myself at the bottom of a bottle of dark rum and in a spirited argument, insisting T2 was in the top 25 movies ever made..
  13. can't see Lind replacing Motte at this point.. sure hope Benning can resign Toffoli..
  14. wouldn't NT's cap hit be pro rated to the number of regular season games remaining? like 10 games left or whatever, so 1/8th of a season's cap hit.. 3.2 mill would only be 400,000 ish.. who would know these things? edit: nvm, looks like this has been covered
  15. would Raff need to be protected for the ED?
  16. unless by chance a younger equivalent is brought in.. I don't think we're desperate enough to make any crazy trades (think Leafs) and I don't think we're crazy enough to expect a deep run.. this ain't our year it is however important to get some playoff experience, both for the youngbloods and for Green.. we'll need Tanev to get us there, and we'll need Tanev when we get there
  17. I agree.. I like his game, but stetchers contract will likely make him collateral damage.. I like the idea of not upsetting things going into the playoffs, but it seems like Raff is more likely part of the future.. playoff experience would be huge for him too.. I wonder if JB is shopping Stetch..
  18. bring back the twins! we found their guy!
  19. I would be disappointed if we settle on Pearson as a top 6.. he's steady, but compare him to top 6 on Vegas, Tampa, healthy Pittsburgh, or even Toronto - he ain't there.. I think he has value on the 3rd, as does Leivo. Virt I believe hasn't peaked yet, he might be top 6, time will tell.. at this point with Raff in the wings, I would certainly entertain trading Stetch ++ for an actual top 6, someone creative to work with Bo. I imagine Podz in that position, but who knows how long it will be before he's ready..
  20. I see Virt getting extended for a year, marky getting a decent raise for 4 years.. Gaudette deserves a raise too for sure.. but I believe Tanev will be dealt. hard to say what he'll return, but can they justify a raise with his injury record? tough call.. it would suck to let him walk for free, but who knows.. obviously Tram is a big question mark.. I would assume he would slot in 3rd pair at minimum, but it might take time to get up to nhl speed.
  21. isn't this Stetcher 's contract year? if so he'd be looking for a raise & it would make sense that he's going the way of Hutton come July, and Raff would be stepping in on the 3rd pair next season if not sooner.. and yes Tanev is more valuable than TS at this point, despite being more fragile. Stetch is dependable and steady, but he's only a 3rd pair D, and as such would be overpaid.. What happens to Tanev next season depends on who steps up or steps in.. not sure we have anyone in the pipeline that can fill his shoes at this point so maybe JB can find a gem somew
  22. I'm sure his team mate liked it too, cocked back for a one-time pass.. the thing about those flashy plays is that if you make them count its on the goal of the year highlight reel, if you don't it looks immature /selfish /silly.. especially if there's a real scoring chance.. my opinion - save it for the shootout. especially in the nhl, you gotta make the high percentage play.. he'll learn that tho..
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