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  1. At his year end interview Petey said he hurt it in his 2nd last game vs Winnipeg. He tried to plan another game but his wrist injury was worst than expected and he missed the rest of the season.
  2. Since it worked for the Canucks yesterday I'll post my predications here again: 4-1 Flames Monahan Bonus question most shots - Canucks Bonus Bonus question will Daniel and Henrick take a position with Canucks - No
  3. Ok - update to my update. I wasn't pressing Reset after I ran the simulator. I pressed reset and the very first time - we win:
  4. Of course I had to test my theory so I ran the draft simulator about thirty times. The were number #9 10 or 15 straight times. Then they were #10. Probably #9 25 times and #10 5 times. Arrgh
  5. Hey - you know if the Canucks were ever going to win the lottery it will be this year. No clear cut #1, lots of unknowns / leagues shutdown. You know they win this year.
  6. Next year Hoggy starts to get some bounces. You have to love his attitude. Hopefully Hoggy and Petey get to workout together this summer.
  7. My reverse jinx post was 100% on first 3 ... hopefully I'm right on the last one too.
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