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  1. Is there are thread about Petey going on LTIR? Any details on the injury?
  2. I think I missed predicting last game so my streak was broken, I'll go 4 - 2 Canucks Miller GCG
  3. It's worked the last 3 games 4 - 2 Habs Toffu
  4. I'm going to stick with my strategy - the Canucks need the points more than I do 4 - 2 Habs Toffu
  5. I'm pretty sure - hopefully Petey is back for the Habs game. Any further updates today from Green or anyone else?
  6. Well that was a very impressive comeback. When the Canucks got the PP down 2-1 my buddy in Michigan text me "Here we go" I replied "Maybe" then 10 seconds later "There it is. I called that". He still plays hockey and coaches one of the high school varsity teams, they are 11-1-1 so far this year. He know his hockey.
  7. I hope Petey is back soon but super nice pass from JT to BB6 for the goal
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