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  1. It's my fault I picked the Canucks in one game and didn't predict anything yesterday. 4-2 Laffs Matthews
  2. Only if you make it back this season. Come on Petey we need you now!!!
  3. They got a little lucky and Holtby bailed them out but the effort was there. Great game boys. Somebody started cutting a huge batch of onions. GCG
  4. I predicted 5-0 laffs. I never been so happy to be wrong in my life. Go Bo baby.
  5. To be fair they didn't get knocked out in the 1st round last year. They didn't make it to the first round
  6. That was a pretty good tribute. Good seeing Trevor, Pavs, Markus, the twins and all the ex-Canucks. You can tell Kelser wants to come back some day.
  7. Any timeline on Petey? The season is basically toast, Petey getting healthy and playing the kids should be #1
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