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  1. i will take Garlund over Granlund for essentially the same money Perhaps a little more risk but I think it will work out better in the long run.
  2. Been trying to not judge off season moves but I was really looking forward to seeing him rebound. Doesn't seem worth it to me unless we really utilize this extra cap space well.
  3. So does this make the Jets look bad for being swept after doing the sweeping or Edmonton worse for getting swept by a team who later got swept haha I love how this emphasises the Oilers loss (for me anyway) But I was also routing for the Jets
  4. with Canucks having never selected 1OA it just make sense for us to pick 1OA in the COVID draft where players couldn't be scouted as per the norm. I think COVID makes this draft more of a wild card than previous drafts and 1OA less of a sure thing so it would be canuck luck to get 1OA this year...right? right?
  5. Those who didn't had the Oilers lead my McCrybaby All the skill but needs veteran leadership to show how to ramp it up when it matters most...and supporting cast
  6. I still dont see a knee i love how NURSE kicks his foot up at the end to emphasize the dive even.
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