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  1. Whether or not someone is vaccinated and supports the amount of available science is one discussion Whether you feel vaccine passports are a breach on human rights or not is another discussion (you have vaccinated and unvaccinated on both sides of this argument). Both of these discussions can be had civilly with most members of our society but unfortunately there is a loud voice currently being given to the vocal minority of extremists from both sides of the fence. Regardless of where any of us stand on any of these debates we should be looking at ourselves in the mirror and asking ourselves if we are treating one another with respect and dignity. Saying someone is simply a sheep for getting the shot is false. People are becoming educated on the topic and deciding what is best for them. Saying someone doesn't deserve a hospital bed and blaming them for the various deaths is unacceptable as well. Where do you draw the line? Should smokers be given care? What about casual drinkers or alcoholics? What about drug overdose victims? What about people who don't eat healthy? What about people who willingly choose to participate in dangerous sports and events? The list could go on. The problem should be focused on an under funded health care system. It is time to stop dividing one another, there is no benefit to this. At a nonessential event, I don't want to be sitting beside anyone who is sick regardless of the illness - even the common cold. That isn't respecting one another. I might not agree with someone's decisions/views and they may not agree with mine but I feel we need to respect one another. We are all canucks!
  2. I know it is against mostly AHL guys and only 2x so far but i kind of like seeing the power play where it isn't just cycling it to Petey or Boes to snipe.
  3. I love that Nucks take on Calgary for the first game in Abbotsford. Hopefully we show them that it is the Canucks arena now!
  4. Technically they are accurate...don't forget about the baby nucks haha
  5. Really loving all the explanations...playing outside the trapezoid is a no no. It's like they don't think their fans have ever watched hockey
  6. Not going to lie...I quite like Seattle's colours. But not a fan of their announcers at all
  7. YouTube live has the feed...little behind but not too bad
  8. The good guys sneak into the playoffs but then lose in an exciting second round series. OEL is better than last year but not back to true form PODZ is exciting to watch but doesnt start racking up numbers till near the end of the season Petterson only misses 3-5 games Boeser is rock star No exciting big trades - couple minor ones.
  9. i will take Garlund over Granlund for essentially the same money Perhaps a little more risk but I think it will work out better in the long run.
  10. Been trying to not judge off season moves but I was really looking forward to seeing him rebound. Doesn't seem worth it to me unless we really utilize this extra cap space well.
  11. So does this make the Jets look bad for being swept after doing the sweeping or Edmonton worse for getting swept by a team who later got swept haha I love how this emphasises the Oilers loss (for me anyway) But I was also routing for the Jets
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