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  1. I would be really impressed if kings managed to win this one… This is the nucks vs ducks thread
  2. Who I would pick does not matter as I am not one to pretend to be better than our scouts. The point is that picking 6 OA gives you a better chance to get a player that is higher on your dream list (the teams list) than picking 10 OA. It also means if you decide to trade down, you are in a better position of strength. I used to think winning to close out the season at least let you maintain a better winning culture than flunking but year after year or doing this has shown that not to be the case - all you get is later picks.
  3. Realistically - True, but the chances decrease which cant be argued. I have seen this argument lots and what I think people are missing is, even if we lose out on Bedard we are getting a worse draft position due to winning now. We were sitting 6th last now 10th. The difference between picking 6 OA verse 10 OA is what bothers me. These end of season, feel good runs have not benefitted us - they have hurt our draft position multiple times
  4. The other thing to keep in mind is Canucks have had one of the easiest ranked schedules to close out the season as well.
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