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  1. Kane should never be allowed to hold a gun, as he is just too talented in continually shooting himself in the foot.
  2. It's the Covid cut. History will record that the world went for two years with some of the worst haircuts due to people not going to the barbers.
  3. What a joy it was to watch us carry the puck into their zone and not resort to continually playing dump and chase.
  4. Telling my doctor? That wouldn't help in the least. The ban on anyone getting the vaccine if they have symptoms is a political directive. It is not a medical one. I was denied the shot due to government guidelines - which the doctors cannot override. My shot was booked on the 18 of Aug and was to have been given on the 25th of September at 11:40 (yesterday). That is the delay for getting the Pfizer vaccine. I even wore a loose top so no rolling of the sleeve would have been necessary. So you see, it's not that easy.
  5. Oh dear. Thanks for calling me a piece of bs. The guidelines say you must be tested if you have symptoms. After the test you then have to apply to get the vaccine. My last attempt had me booked in just over a month in advance. When I fronted for the vaccine the first question they asked is do you have any of the symptoms. If you say yes then you are refused the vaccine and told to get tested again. You will then need to reapply for a date to be vaccinated. Once again this will be about a month in the future. When this date comes around you will once again be refused on the basis that you have symptoms. Believe me, I have been booked in three times and refused three times.
  6. I'm not vaccinated unfortunately. I have had, for over twelve months now, an irritation in the back of my throat which causes me to cough. Because of this cough I am banned from getting the vaccine. Have taken many medications to try and remedy the cough but all to no avail so far. Until I beat the cough then I can't be vaccinated. Them's the rules here in Australia.
  7. Rocket man, burning out his fuse up here alone.
  8. Flames are playing Canuck Pokemon - gotta catch them all.
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