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  1. Adieu, adieu. Parting is such sweet sorrow - Shakespeare
  2. The biggest tragedy is when his parents decided to name him Darth Plagueis the Wise.
  3. As the last seconds of CDC tick away, can someone play "Where the streets have no name" with the siren wailing in the background.
  4. Keep his identity hidden - our own International Man of Mystery.
  5. You can teach speed, you can teach skill but you can't teach size.
  6. I can see a real problem with definitions with this. How big of a known person in the media do you need to be to win the definition of "celebrity". Also does a retired athlete count as an athlete? I could see some smart marketing people pushing boundaries with this one.
  7. And for getting the Vancouver Canucks to the Stanley Cup final the Jack Adams award goes to ....... (I like to dream occasionally)
  8. Ah yes, but Stecher is smart enough to have escaped.
  9. The article says that Stecher is a Calgary Flames player. I thought he had gone back to the Coyotes.
  10. Future considerations. Never scored, no assists and has always refused to fight.
  11. Can't write a letter of complaint about a medical professional if you can't spell his name first.
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