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  1. You're a dickie! Sorry couldn't resist. Dont know anything about the player but just wanted to add my useless 2 cents
  2. They need depth, unless people start signing for league minimum they'll need to find bench scoring from somewhere. Should be an interesting off season
  3. I don't know how to feel about this yet. On paper, sure looks great. But where will the spacing come from??? Hopefully they can add shooting and size, because those were 2 of their downfalls compared to the year they won the chip. They missed javale and Howards size.
  4. Bring Khaira home! The crown and coke sales would be exponential when he scores/fights/has a big hit.
  5. Drummond and Mcgee about to get 40 rebounds a game.... and still lose by 40
  6. GOAT man GOAT man. Let’s &^@#ing go
  7. All these drives to the rim by Hebron, most of them look like he's had some sort of contact. Yet no fouls, but the refs are always giving lebron the calls I thought? Its been like this his whole career, same with Shaq just because they are so much stronger then everyone else they don't get the benefit of the doubt.
  8. Lol Kawhi is overhyped suprise suprise?
  9. Being in Connecticut for residency has already led to me being exhausted due to the hospital schedule. Boy am I glad the Canucks are contributing to that fatigue. Here is to more fatigued nights due to them. Let's get it tonight boys. GCG.
  10. it's a feel out game for the boys, all good. Hopefully we can split their "home" games...
  11. lol can't compare the 2. Petey can create for himself, Gaudette marginally so?
  12. Yes, but I don't think his game transitions well to the playoffs based on what I've seen so far. Way too easily knocked off the puck
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