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  1. I get that. The question was how can OEL be a better mentor to Petey than Edler. My response: He's a swede who knows what it is to be a superstar. He was also captain for a reason while Edler seems a little more, keep-to-himself-ish He's better mentor material for Petey than Edler, that's all
  2. The one thing Edler never did was reach superstar status. OEL has been there. Sure, he's fallen off a bit but he still carries that--that's good for Petey
  3. Looks like we're all chiming in on this one so here's my two sense With the price of dumping cap, especially this year...I'm amazed JB was able to offload Beagle, Rous, LE...AMAZED Based on what else we've seen like the Isles giving up a 2nd and two high conditionals to offload Ladd at 5.5m (granted for two more years) I think this looks decent already. I mean really, I can't believe JB found a way to get another team to take 12m off our books for next year. We gave up the three picks (although 7th rounder doesn't really count) to do it. And yes, the 9OA hurts, b
  4. Is it possible Benning still works for Boston and is an undercover plant in the Canucks org to run it into the ground?? Maybe the "F*%$ Boston" chants really stung. A whole lot more starts making sense if you look at it that way
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