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  1. Walking from Markstrom 6x6 was a gain. Thank you Demko. Walking from Tanev & picking up Schmidt & Hamonic is a gain. Walking from Toffoli (Madden & 2nd) & re-signing Virtanen was a big loss. Now we need another Toffoli (& what does that cost us?) & we can't even give away Virtanen and his $3.5 mill anchor contract next year who could easily be placed with $1 mill or less players. (Vessey, Boyd, Leivo, Macewan, etc.)
  2. U back?:metal:


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      @-AJ-  I come by my stupidity naturally.  Nothing fake there.



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      @-AJ- so he doesnt ride a scooter and drink scotch all day?, i feel betrayed.

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      @TNucks1 He just does that to get the senior's discount at restaurants.:P

  3. "Too good to be in the AHL" Are you sure about that? This was his last AHL season. I don't recall ever hearing anything like that or see it with my own eyes ever. Stats sure don't back it up either... Sure like to see him sent down there to see if he could even prove your point now? What are our options? Apparently his trade value is next to none. So trading him for nothing to possibly see him wake up there. We gain nothing from this. Maybe knowing this being his last chance to get back to the show actually wakes Jake up? But Maybe he can work his butt of
  4. ^ This my post from 2017 ^ This is my post a few weeks ago. I hear you bro. I've supported this guy since his draft year. He's in his 7th Pro Season. When you've been called out publicly by coaches a few years in a row at training camps, then the GM calls you out for your poor playoff performance. This was the season to come out of the gates flying if ever. Instead he needs another reset just 10 games into his 7th Pro Season... 7 years of dreaming he'll mature when he clearly isn't putting in the effo
  5. I've watched Boston play this year a few times. N.Ritchie is on the Top line & Top PP in Boston. 6 points in 6 games (3g 3a) playing 16:00 + a night. I'd take N. Ritchie any day over Virtanen. Ritchie is trending upwards while Jake... Pay attention to the whole NHL & you would've realized this too. https://www.nhl.com/player/nick-ritchie-8477941?stats=gamelogs-r-nhl&season=20202021 Last 5 games Opponent Date G A
  6. Hoglander, Demko, Juolevi, Rafferty, Chatfield, tomorrow Brisbois, Rathbone? I believe the kids are in... Who's left Lind?
  7. Boys in Blue off to a great start. Not trying to knock on anybody , but Chatfield looks much better than Juolevi did to me so far. Yes way too early to judge but my eye test tells me Chatfeild is in for the near future. Calm, cool. collect. Moves the puck out of his zone like a vet and has some IDGAF lets go attitude.
  8. https://info.hockeyfeed.com/nhl-news/nhl-player-safety-punishes-three-players-including-canucks-star-elias-pettersson?fbclid=IwAR18KQJC4F6VDSBoe2pl_LLzUA49Sr0pPdFZ6CjJXpSFb95ATuIa6Q3dLqE https://info.hockeyfeed.com/nhl-news/nhl-player-safety-punishes-three-players-including-canucks-star-elias-pettersson?fbclid=IwAR18KQJC4F6VDSBoe2pl_LLzUA49Sr0pPdFZ6CjJXpSFb95ATuIa6Q3dLqE
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