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  1. Probably getting slower in his old age, needs to add something to his game I guess
  2. I don't think juolevi is 100% healthy, Utica highlights look like he's skating pretty slow and I've seen some posts about how he probably won't be at his best skating wise till January
  3. You have to build the base first,, we had no one but players like that, and when you have no assets you can't really trade for better ones,, I think management wanted playoffs the first season or two with Benning but then after the rebuild then you can add those pieces,,, also blues just won the cup so players are way more likely to go there
  4. Anybody know if there's any news on whether he'll sign this year or the next?
  5. Does the tweet above mean that gauds is being taken out for bear? Because honestly why is Erickson still playing? I'd say love either Pearson or leivo on the shutdown line and move Virtanen up and gauds with sutter so that you have Miller-Petterson-Boeser Bear-Horvat-Virtanen Pearson/Leivo-Sutter-Gaudette Shaller-Beagle-Pearson/Leivo
  6. Please be one of Sven or Goldy, let leivo take over the 4th line spot and put one of them with bo
  7. I'm wondering too if he's like the Russian skilled biega, always hounding on the puck and always attacking,, but sometimes it costs him, which is to be expected from a 18 year old playing in a men's league, but if he's anything like bull dog was he'll be a NHL regular and of he has the skills the scouts say he does then he'll be a productive top 6 guy for sure
  8. Probably has close to no value,, he's just putting up .5 ppg in the second highest Swedish league (I'm pretty sure?)
  9. Uggghhh why do we have gauds up if he isn't even going to play
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