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  1. Anybody know if there's any news on whether he'll sign this year or the next?
  2. Damn, was hoping maybe we could offer him something extra if Edler doesn't resign
  3. Can someone help me out with the big tree situation? I've been scrolling for a bit through his forum and wondering if it's at all possible for him to come back this upcoming season if he wants to? Like is there even a chance to have him come back or is it still the earliest of next season?
  4. Really? I think Demko is backup next year if he has a good camp, and is coming up for goalie injuries this year
  5. True, just would be cool for him to be in Utica if Demko is the backup next year in Vancouver, DiPietro has to still work on how aggressive he is in his crease anyways. When you watch highlights he's almost always a few inches out and if he does that in the NHL he's gonna get lit up
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