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  1. Historically, don't tv network, cable stocks do well in downturns? So, streaming services seeing a rise might indicate something hmm
  2. @nuckin_futz opinion on bitcoin? I still can’t seem to sell myself on it, besides potentially being a place to store value.
  3. Let’s see where and how the dust settles, I was initially thinking the stimulus would come, people would forget and buy non stop again. Giving me ample opportunity to move into commodities. Otherwise just hold, forever and ever ever.
  4. Powell says he expects inflation to rise above 2% at some point. It’s a far cry from the hyperinflation people have been going on about, and interest rates won’t be rising until employment is in full swing. Is this not okay, for the immediate time being?
  5. I’m a long term investor now lol, when I can free up enough cash I’ll consider short sells. I think you mentioned it, or I heard a quote along the lines of “any fool can make money in a bull market”, which makes more sense now as I fumble to strategize how to trade in a bear market. Shorting is about to become another tool, I’ll be adding to the toolbox soon.
  6. Bitcoin is down, Gold is down, Silver is down and Market is down..
  7. Less than $1.50? $VHAQ - but warrants are 2:1 --- $CFIV - looks interesting though at $2
  8. Hahaha very true, I’d love to make that kind of bank from the comfort of my own home. My chart looking like a child with adhd scribbling.
  9. This is the chart of someone who is front loaded and takes profits after pumping his holdings. Fck this guy.
  10. Niceeee, I’ll add it to the watchlist! Thanks. I’m not sure if Ari has a different source, I usually just look on https://spactrack.net/
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