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  1. Damn, hardie was our pick. We'll grab Dmitri Ovchinnikov from Sibirskie Snaipery Novosibirsk
  2. My original post here was dumb and I can't count, I deleted it.
  3. oooo boy this draft is gonna get weird. Mainly because the bottom playoff teams IRL have almost identical points (71 and 72, chicago and montreal). So you can order the teams with "fewer than 71" points from both conferences, and have the lottery normally. Not so in puck! We are the 23rd best team, typically good for 9th best lottery odds. BUT! of the 8 teams worse than us, 3 of them are in the qualifying round of the playoffs, and therefore not lottery teams. Does that mean that we get the 6th best lottery odds? And then, if the teams that are worse than us don't win the lottery, and don't advance past the playoffs, do they get a better draft pick than us? That feels wrong! They got playoff games (in a year where, literally anything could happen, anybody could win, and all our strategy was for naught) and we didn't. But also, do we get a better draft pick than a team that objectively did worse than us in the regular season? That also feels wrong! There's no good answers, and I'm trying not to make a case, despite having a vested interest, but I feel like this situation, between art, burrows, matthews and me/sygvard is gonna get at least a little weird and it will be impossible to please everybody.
  4. Plz let us get rid of him mods. Plz plz plz. He's been messing with our trading capabilities
  5. Yeah, as a huge leafs fan, and huge fan of sandin, we were willing to give him up despite his huge upside because of how hard D-men are to predict in terms of fantasy scoring. He could be an incredible top-2 d-man, but unless he is either laying lots of hits and blocks, or getting big points on the PP, its always possible he's far better IRL than he ever is in fantasy. Enjoy RNH!
  6. We made some waiver claims a while back....those happening soon?
  7. Honestly never thought he'd make it, but he looks real good as a 4th liner.
  8. That's cool and all, but his contract was up this year, they weren't going to pay him, they got a blue chip guy back for him, he was actually kinda bad, and "leadership" is a meaningless narrative 90% of the time
  9. It's that made space between retentions, raises, and hoping your players are great but also not so great that you can't afford them. I have a feeling that we're going to be entering a new era of higher parity. I feel a team like Buffalo may take a step forward just because the really great teams can;t keep all their players without their retentions, and take a step backwards.
  10. That guy, just bouncing around with a pocketful of hope
  11. What's the deal with @JE14? He never posts and all his draft picks were done through the mods. Does he only deal in private messages?
  12. When we almost took Ottawa, I was pumped for Spooner. Thought he had real upside. Turns out being the worst defensive forward in the league has some career inhibiting effects
  13. Just saying, 4.6 million of Corey Perry (8.6 minus 3 million retain minus 1 million minors) got a 5th. 3 million of steve mason plus a contract spot dump ALSO got a 5th. These were/are (jury's out on perry) useless players. Giving the league salary cap space will not cause those prices to go up. They will go down, further than where they are. If you want to see capped out top teams dump their assets for peanuts, keep things exactly the way they are now. Those prices are higher than if the league generates ~155 million (5 million x 31 teans) in cap space almost overnight.
  14. Not to distract from this, but can buffalo dump radovan bondra? https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/157407/radovan-bondra He's playing in Czech Republic now. Also, Pickard is listed as being on no team, not Detroit (probably fabntrax's fauly) And Brady Tkachuck's Entry level contract says he's unsigned, not an RFA at the end of it.
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