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  1. great work ethic and the effort is always there. You know what you get from Biega. Wish him well.
  2. Indeed would have been a nice pick up from the Canucks. Had a great year with Chicago. Yzerman still on fire doing an excellent job. One of the best GM's in this league after Lou.
  3. It's all about the money. Just look at Edler could have retired as a canuck instead he chose to relocate with his family just to get another 3.5M. Philipp has stated several times publicly how much he loves Colorado and the team and how badly he wants to stay in Colorado. In the end Av's couldn't make the money work but Seattle could. Great signing for Seattle.
  4. pysyk at 900.000 is a bargain. The fact that Poolman is overpaid is obvious. I thnik lots of posters have expressed this in the respective thread.
  5. could have been worse: Edler in Calgary, Edler in Edmonton.
  6. Do you think Edler will be honoured with the ring of honour? Personally I would guess that he has forfeited this honour by not ending his career in a canucks jersey. Chasing the big money instead of ending his career as a canuck.
  7. man he plays a physical game Tucker Poolman can only dream of.
  8. 750.000 $ more per year than Tucker Poolman..... but Ceci is a proven D-Man in this league.
  9. really? 1st pairing RHD : Harmonic 2nd pairing RHD Myers 3rd pairing RHD Poolman or Rathbone. depends on how good Rathbone is. If Rathbone is ready to go he will play on the third pairing and Poolman being the 7 D-Man
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