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  1. Is the PP Coach Greens responsibility? I think Canucks have an assistant coach for the PP. Am I wrong about the assistant coach for the PP. Please let me know. Thank you.
  2. I think you forget that Canucks addressed the "coaching staff issue" by bringing in Shaw as an assistant coach for defense. You just can't fire on Baumgartner any longer. It's also on Shaw to fix the PK. On a side note: Hamonic who played on the PK is enjoying some quality time with his family somewhere in Manitoba. He not only dishonor his contract but gives also a &^@# about the Canucks team 2021/2022.
  3. It was up to Jim Benning to sign Petterson in the off-season to ensure Pettersson is at training on day 1 to work on the PP. You just can't blame the coaching staff for the poor PP.
  4. My good old friend Willie Desjardins gave Hansen tons of icetime in the overtime because Hansen has been a great skater. Hansen took advantage of the additional space on the ice during overtime and scored some goals in OT. When it comes to skating Hansen's skating is much better than Chiasson's skating. I do agree that both are similar in terms of the frame and the style of their game.
  5. in their starting lineup against Vegas: - Tobias Bjornfot - 20 years old, 2nd round pick - Mikey Anderson- 22 years old, 4th round pick - Gabe Vilardi - 22 years old, 1st round pick - Arthur Kaliyev- 20 years old , 2nd round pick - Blake Lizotte 23 years old I can't understand your opinion "yet nothing on the nhl roster lol". I think you have to do at least some kind of analysis before posting. prospect pool - only to name the best prospects - : - Alex turcotte - 5th overall - Quinton byfield 2nd overall
  6. Magpies have zero chance to add a player like Erling Haaland to their team. Haaland is by far the best striker in Europe and all the big teams like Real Madrid, FC Bayern München, Paris St. Germain are chasing him right now. Paris St. Germain offered him an annual salary in the range from 38 million euro to 42 million euro. Believe me, Haaland wants to win championships (the european champions league or a national title) and Mapgies can't lure him to England only because of the money. All the mentioned big teams have the finanical resources to pay more than the Magpies. Davies likes it in Munich. Last season was a real breakthrough year for him. The headcoach and the frontoffice really like him. There is really no reason for him to go elsewhere. He has just started his stint in Munich after he had to get used to the german style of play in his first season after Munich acquired him from the Vancouver Whitecaps. I expect him to stay at least a few more years in Munich before he sign with an even bigger team (like Real Madrid, Manchester City, Chelsea).
  7. Air from Johann Sebastian Bach is mostly played at weddings. For those who love classical music musicisans of voices is probably tthe best choice to hear wonderful music.
  8. thanks for posting. Interesting that Podkolzin moves up from the 4th line to the 1st line. That's quite a shift. It's just telling us that Coach Green is still trying to find the best combos. Right decision to move Chiasson to the 4 th line.
  9. Curious what exactly is the basis for your take that this is one of the strongest canucks teams you ve seen in a long while? - preseason? - roster on paper? - number of NHL games of roster players? - the Oilers game?
  10. from coast to coast , put up decent offensive numbers in Detroit. wish him well in WSH.
  11. fingers crossed for your Giants against the Dodgers tonight. Even if the Giants are down in the 9th innning - don't stop believin, Gollumpus. I expect a tight game. Giants hold the home advantage and are due for a bounce back after the loss in L.A. Hope for a World series Giants vs. Boston Red Sox. Would be an insane series.
  12. Edmonton 5 Vancouver 1 multi point games for Leon Draisaitl and Mc David.
  13. The posts regarding Poolman on CDC were dealing with the fact that some fans felt like Jim Benning was too generous in terms of the money given to Poolman. Other defenseman avaiable in free agency could have signed for less money than Poolman gets. To sum it up : it has nothing to do with Poolman's game. In regards to OEL the skepticism was fully justified because of : 1. his stats over the last 3 seasons; take a look at the stats - numbers are facts !- and as such free from bias. 2. even OEL acknowledged that the last 3 seasons haven't gone as he expected and that he wants to get back to the performance during his prime 3. the Sedins explicitly stated after the OEL signing that they expect more from OEL than he has shown over the last 3 seasons. 4. we have to consider that the last few games were pre-season games, I think we have to wait until 20+ regular season games are played before making an assessment on OEL 1-4 have nothing to do with a "panic button". From my perspective it was and still is skepticism if he can regain his strength / game he has shown during his prime with the Yotes.
  14. question: Is there any need / does it make any sense to state that his contract is worth an annual average value of 750,000? I mean that's a one year deal. From my perspective it's redundant. Isn't it?
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