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  1. thomas drance nailed it - once again - sums it up pretty much. Well done, Thomas.
  2. read today that people with low wages can't afford heating because of the steep prices for gas and oil. I mean especially in winter when it's cold you should have at least a warm room. Not only gas and oil but also prices for food skyrocketed. It's on the OPEC and countries like Venezuela, the united states to increase the exploitation of oil to get the prices down.
  3. If I remember correctly Pettersson got injured in February / March 2021 and missed the remainder of the season because of an injury. Hence he hasn't played an NHL game over a span of almost six months. When you are out that long it affects your game. Doesn't matter if your name is Jonathan Toews, Sidney Crosby or Elias Pettersson. It takes a while until you get going and the rhythm and instincts come back to normal. Interesting also that Petterson visited Vancouver in September in order to get the contract extension done. He showed a willingness to get this done, because he knew after being so long sidelined training camp would be even more important. The fact that he missed camp is for sure one main reason why he isn't performing as everyone expects him to perform. I think we also have to take into consideration that even before his injury in February / March 2021 he had a down year 2020 / 2021. He wasn't as dominant as he was in his rookie season. Time will tell how good a player he is.
  4. you had the whole last season to watch Travis Green's coaching, how the team played, how the team finished in the rankings. Sample size is large enough to make a conclusion.
  5. I disagree: we are not whining - we see the reality as it is. The reality is: - canucks lost against teams like Detroit and Buffalo, two teams that are supposed to be at the bottom of the standings. - Benning traded away two first round picks ! to add veteran players to this team to make the playoffs and we still lose against teams like buffalo and detroit, - some fans said after the preseason: it's only preseason - some fans say it's only 4 games - if they don't take action the losing will continue and the team will not make the playoffs.
  6. It's all on Benning because he hasn't fired Green yet. Benning should have noticed that Green ran out of ideas how to fix this team. Countless times in post game interviews Travis said last season: "we have to play better". Tonight after the loss in Buffalo again: "we have to play better". Interestingly I can't see any positive development compared to last season. Green is done. Benning hasn't even realized that Green is done. It's ALL on BENNING. 1. PP : the same crap like last season. 2. Defense: the same crap like last season. 3. team structure / lines: the same crap like last season; Chiasson on the 1st line - 3 games later in the press box. - Podkolzin on the 4 th line, the next night on the top line. WTF. Buffalo should be a wake up call for everyone ; the owner Aquillini , Jim Benning, Travis Green , the fans , the media. This franchise needs CHANGE!! Change begins with new personnel, beginning from the top all the way down to the team. Question to you Man: Do you seriously think that Olli Juolevi has been evalutated solely ! on the bag skate? Look at last season: Travis decided to play Jordie Benn at the 3rd pairing and Juolevi has not even been on the roster. The truth is many ! people even within the Canucks org have been wrong about Juolevi's talent. He has been less talented than many people thought. Canucks have been very patient with Juolevi. They have shown the same patience with Jake Virtanen and Nikolay Goldobin. This will be another ! very ugly season. It's time to take action.
  7. sorry but the rebuild is over after Canucks added JT Miller for a 1st round pick and OEL and Garland and Dickinson and Poolman and of course Myers. Those players have hundreds of NHL games under their belt. Benning has gone all in and it win now. It's no longer rebuild - not even a second of rebuild.
  8. Is it really bad habits or is just inability of certain players ? Is it really that difficult to get rebounds cleaned up before forwards score? Is it really that difficult to lift the forwards stick to prevent him from scoring? I mean that's the basics for a D-Man. How many times has Myers in front of the net been out of position - not covering the forward? I can't see any positive development compared to last season. That's unacceptable when the D-Men make the same mistakes over and over again. Not to mention that I am very annoyed that Travis Green has been preparing the abbotsford canucks for the upcoming season. This is going to be a very ugly season and all we can hope is that Francesco Aquillini wakes up and realizes that Jim Benning has made several poor decisions that led to this &^@#ing deasaster. I hope that Jim will get fired this season.
  9. I think you missed that Pettersson missed camp. He surely needs some more weeks to get into shape. Canucks now pay the price for Pettersson and Hughes not at training camp.
  10. according to uncle Jim Benning Canucks will be fine. We do not have to be worried. No need to add a top 4 RHD as a Hamonic replacement. Jim is surely happy how the D played tonight. I am completely relaxed.
  11. Quinn missed camp and therefore hasn't been 100% in shape even with the workout at home with his dad. Not surprised that most likely he isn't in todays lineup against the Buffalo Sabres. On top of the heavy minutes it was a back to back - on two consecutive nights 26+ minutes per game. You really have to question whether Baumgartner / Shaw have made the right decision to give Quinn that much ice time. So early in the season and coaching staff is putting us in a tough spot. Obviously a lack of trust in the abilities of players like Rathbone and Burroughs.
  12. wow - to management- that's quite something. I think it would be more appropriate to reach out to coach green. Let's go. I am curious if management reacts to your request. Let me know when you have received the answers from them. Thanks. !
  13. agree that Canucks need a top 4 RHD. Question is : How do they get one? I think the best way to get this done is to trade away next years first round pick + x to get one top 4 RHD . I wouldn't trade away JT Miller. Canucks are in a win now mode - JT Miller is arguably the best top 6 winger. Next question is: what team is willing to trade away one of their top 4 RHD? Myers + Poolman were added in free agency. I am wondering if there is a chance to get a top 4 RHD in next years free agency. Free agency would be smart, because Canucks wouldn't have to give up an asset. Cap space is obviously the limitating factor here.
  14. Shaw quoting John Wooden - wow - . Shaw is obviously an excellent man. Chapeau. Expectations are high on you, Mr. Shaw. You have to make this D-Core better. Nothing less.
  15. Is there any chance that Nolan Baumgartner / Shaw actually do the best job possible when it comes to load management? I mean it could entirely possible that Baumgartner/Shaw give Burroughs exactly the ice time he is capable of. There is good chance that more ice time for Burroughs could overwhelm him. I agree that the heavy workload for Hughes might result in injuries sooner or later. Edmonton Oilers played Darnell Nurse almost 30 minutes per night last season. In the second half of the season Darnell Nurse has been out with an injury for several weeks. That's a scenario I can envision also for Hughes. Playing that many minutes per game might make him more susceptible to injuries. What's the root cause for the actual load management at D? Simply it is the absence of Hamonic. He was supposed to play in the top 4 averaging 20+ minutes per night. Now that he is absent Baumgartner / Shaw have to find ways to compensate for Hamonics absence. I find it interesting that neither Jett Woo nor Luke Schenn play on the third pairing. I mean Schenn is a veteran and very experienced, physically strong displaying strong leadership. In case Hamonic is not only weeks but months out I guess this load management is going to hurt this team.
  16. It's the price they have to pay to get Shane Wright at 1st overall next year. They decided to go this route trading away quality players, taking on bad contracts in order to stockpile draft picks and now they have to stick to their plan.
  17. Would like to add that especially for older people it is important to get a third dose to increase the protection. Read that in Israel older people have already received their third dose. Couple weeks ago German health institute recommended a third dose for older people. To sum it up : everyone should take COVID seriously and protect themselves as good as possible. Numbers currently pile up again mainly because of the cold weather conditions.
  18. because of conflicting reports swirling around and not only fans but also experts speculating I find it very strange that Canucks haven't issued a press release for clarification , yet.
  19. OEL is such a dirty player. Dirty plays everywhere in his game. Glad Tyler Bertuzzi stood up for his teammate Moritz Seider and going after OEL.
  20. hands down the best game from the New England Patriots this season. hands down the best game from Mac Jones this season. already 6 penalties for the cowboys for 71 yards. great game so far - very entertaining.
  21. that's a good point. Who are the bottom six guys who can play on the PK? Highmore ? Dowling? Höglander?. There is definitely a lack of PK specialists on this team. Neither Gadjovich nor Mac Ewen would have solved this problem. Jim knew that Motte is out with an injury and should have signed another role player in free agency.
  22. Greiss is German and is no longer playing for the national team because of some twitter messages that caused some controversy. Funny thing is that in the off-season 2020 when Canucks added Holtby they could have signed Greiss who was also an unrestricted free agent for less money. Greiss would have been a homerun for the Canucks. well that's the past and we should look forward. you can't deny that PP + PK and FO numbers are lower than in previous seasons. One of the assistant coaches I miss the most is Manny Malhotra, because he had such a positive impact on the FO percentage numbers. Horvat constantly over 50% , Beagle + Sutter close to 50%. The PK is indeed a problem because Motte is out - who is a PK specialist - , Hamonic absent due to personal reason- . As good as a Goalie is, sometimes you just have to shoot the puck to the net to get a rebound and beat the goalie or to sneak into the backdoor to get open and bury the puck. How many times score forwards positioning themselves at the backdoor ? Countless times.
  23. Is the PP Coach Greens responsibility? I think Canucks have an assistant coach for the PP. Am I wrong about the assistant coach for the PP. Please let me know. Thank you.
  24. I think you forget that Canucks addressed the "coaching staff issue" by bringing in Shaw as an assistant coach for defense. You just can't fire on Baumgartner any longer. It's also on Shaw to fix the PK. On a side note: Hamonic who played on the PK is enjoying some quality time with his family somewhere in Manitoba. He not only dishonor his contract but gives also a &^@# about the Canucks team 2021/2022.
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