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  1. Team is looking really good. To be honest the OEL Myers combo is looking really good. Which leaves Hughes on another pairing with Poolman to do his thing with less pressure. We are starting to see depth of talent with this Nucks squad. Nice to see!
  2. Updated Calgary Lineup with Dal Colle in and Harley sent down: Ehlers - McDavid - Lindholm Nylander - Toews - Johansen Okposo - Monahan - Puljujarvi Jaskin - Kotkaniemi - Perry Blichfield - Dal Colle Hanifin - Lindholm Sanheim - Aho Larsson - Brannstrom Joulevi Price Jarry
  3. Calgary sends down Thomas Harley.
  4. Strongly agree there. Joulevi and Gadjovich should be on the team. 3rd pair and 4th liners and if that was their ceiling great, then at least those spots are covered, but they always go with fringe guys because they had 2 decent games in pre-season. Keeps happening.
  5. I would have said Joulevi if it was up to me, but it’s not. I thought Joulevi would have done quite well in that role after OEL.
  6. If Canucks drafted Tkachuk we would have had Pettersson and Hughes. If somehow everything aligned and we had all of them we likely could afford them all. Pretty surprised that Joulevi wasn’t a fixture to start on the 3rd pair over Rathbone but they’ve picked their guy and there isn’t room on the left side for 5-6 years.
  7. Calgary Claims Michael Dal Colle and sends down Thomas Harley if successful.
  8. I think I posted mine (CGY) but could take a waiver claim today. Also fully possible I did it wrong, haha.
  9. This is definitely a tough situation as it hurts to lose a younger player that has some potential. For me this, fully comes down to who's left at the end of the day. If MacEwen and Lockwood for example are the ones standing because they outplayed Gads, then so be it. It just means our team is deep enough that we won't feel these types of losses. If it's because Dowling or the pizza man outplayed him for a pre-season game or two, then I think it's the wrong call. Those players have fully proven over the years that they are what they are, but Gadvojich had shown improvement and still had potential. In that case, I think you just give it a try as he did show quite well.
  10. Flames recall Sebastian Aho (No not that one…) @Nail
  11. This spot is for the Calgary Flames Opening night roster before any potential waiver claims: Ehlers - McDavid - Lindholm Nylander - Toews - Johansen Okposo - Monahan - Puljujarvi Jaskin - Kotkaniemi - Perry Blichfield - Dal Colle Hanifin - Lindholm Sanheim - Brannstrom Larsson - Aho Joulevi Price Jarry
  12. I could see that too. 3rd pair will be fairly sheltered as Hughes and OEL pairings will get a ton of mins, and they should.
  13. This is how I see our d shape up for opening night with Hamonic out for a bit: Ekman-Larsson Poolman Hughes Myers Joulevi Schenn Rathbone I think Rathbone and Joulevi swap in. If one can play their offside I could see them both in from time to time. LD needs a defensive guy for the PK giving Joulevi the edge most nights.
  14. Exactly. That third line is a threat as well and the fourth has more jam than previous year and some ability to score too.
  15. Would be worth a try. It means the other winger needs to be a high skill guy to offset like Hogz: Hoglander Pettersson Gadjovich Garland Miller Boeser Pearson Horvat Podkolzin Lockwood Dickinson Chiasson
  16. Well have to say I’m impressed with OEL. Seeing him in #23 makes you think of Edler, however he is much faster, same amount of physicality, but seems to lead the plays better. Could be a gem for the next few seasons.
  17. Unless Hoglander grew to 6'2 in the offseason.
  18. Calgary will place the following on ELC slides: Patrik Puistola Patrick Moynihan Martin Hugo Has @Nail
  19. These are definitely good points and there is no doubt that Crosby is better on the other side of the puck. He did have Malkin on the PP even-though they were usually split up at even strength. It did allow some pressure relief as the opposing teams would have to guard against two top lines. One factor which I think plays into it as well is that Pitts had Letang and Fleury which I think is two major gaps in Edm. I think that has had a major impact on the success of Edm and they still choose not to address it properly. Ultimately the way I interpret this situation, is that you are taking these top players and putting them in your own fictional team which isolates it down to the player themselves and not the surroundings they have. To me McDavid is the slightly better offensive player vs Crosby and Crosby is the better defensive player by a larger margin. Ultimately given all of that I would take McDavid, because if I was starting a team I think that unique offensive ability vs potentially the most complete player (Maybe of all time). Ultimately I think it's going to be pretty close if you take the players in isolation, so ultimately there is no wrong answer unless someone chooses Taylor Hall as their selection.
  20. Felt like the perfect fit as a Podz mentor and depth C option for up and down the lineup. I guess the PTO doesn't mean much, but would still like to have him here to complete the F group.
  21. Cool, good luck with that and looking forward to hearing this next phenom's name. Essentially you are saying it's more likely for some random 5 year old to be better than McDavid and I am saying McDavid could be better than Crosby. I'll take my odds on that.
  22. If that is the case then the whole poll is invalid. The point of this was to balance previous era 1st overalls against a few who are still playing. If McDavid is part of the equation, then he has shown enough to me, that he will exceed Crosby and Ovi in performance. Has he earned the accolades yet, no, but I think he trends past them. The other key part of this question as stated, is which player in their prime are you taking and not which player in their prime with their team/situation are you taking. Crosby and Ovi are generational talents, but their supporting cast was amazing too. Put Crosby in Arizona and I'm not sure we have the same discussion. This question assumes you are putting this player into "your" situation, which level-sets the situation as well.
  23. So based on the fact that I am extrapolating McDavid to continue to improve into the core years of his prime, I feel he will be better than Crosby and Ovie which we already know what their prime looked like. Doesn't feel like a far reach to me. Lindros may be more controversial, but I think that was only because his prime was cut short. He dominated in every shift while still healthy.
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