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  1. Looks like Tyler Graovac has signed with Dinamo Minsk, the KHL team Klimovich is currently on a trial contract with and may join next season. If Klimovich does indeed sign with Dinamo Minsk, Graovac would be a good, familiar bar to measure his development against.
  2. Looks like he's joined Dinamo Minsk, the team Klimovich is currently on a trial contract with and may join next season. If Klimovich does indeed sign with Dinamo Minsk, Graovac would be a good, familiar bar to measure his development against.
  3. Really excited about this! He'll have the opportunity to play plenty of games this year in Barrie. As far as I know, Jet Greaves will be the only real competition in the crease for him. Barrie is only about a 20 minute drive from my place, so I'll try to get out and see him play as much as possible!
  4. Rick Dhaliwal on air saying over the past few days he's been hearing from multiple sources that the Canucks have been aggressively pursuing Tyson Barrie in trade talks with Colorado.
  5. At 6 its gotta be Zegras. As for the cost I have no idea. I guess it comes down to how much Detroit values their guy at 6 over their guy at 10 and how many other teams are trying to move up.
  6. NMC or full NTC? Haven't seen anything reported on that yet. Think its safe to assume with a deal like that he probably has full trade protection.
  7. I've been stressing about this for so long. I love Lu, he's a national treasure, but I am praying this stupid rule doesn't handicap this team. Every other player in this situation has ended up on LTIR, but it would be very Canuckish if we were the first team to get hammered with the cap recapture.
  8. It would shocked if Benning pulled the trigger on that, but I wouldn't be upset about it. He is an unbelievable prospect and then we could actually be comfortable including Markstrom, Demko, or DiPietro in a trade package. Not the move I would make.... but a justifiable one that could pay off big.
  9. I think I found Broberg being at 15 behind Soderstrom the most interesting. The fact that Soderstrom, Broberg, Seider, Harley, and York are ranked side by side from 14-18 shows that there is absolutely zero consensus in the defensemen rankings from team to team after Byram. I think from 5 to about 20 this could be one of the craziest drafts ever with unexpected picks and teams trading up and down. Is it Friday yet?!
  10. https://www.tsn.ca/americans-set-to-dominate-first-round-of-the-nhl-draft-1.1323878 Bob McKenzie's final consensus draft rankings are out.
  11. It was reported that the Canucks were brining in 2-3 prospects for extended interviews this past week as well as meeting again with Zegras closer to the draft. Newhook and Krebs were confirmed to be 2 of the prospects brought in. It could just be those 3, or as reported, there could be a 4th that we haven't heard about yet.
  12. Why's that? I think you could argue that maybe Boldy's ceiling isn't quite as high as some of these other guys, but I also think his floor is probably the highest. Zegras really excites me. The combined creativity and hockey IQ of Zegras and Pettersson paired with Boeser's finishing ability would be something to see
  13. Cheers mate! Love hearing the stories of how people became Canucks fans. Thanks for sharing! I think you're absolutely right in that Caufield and Podkolzin have two of the highest ceilings of the players that could realistically be available for us at 10. However, I don't think those are the only two that could end up being great players for us. I'm personally a big fan of Zegras, Krebs, Newhook, and Boldy as well. I agree with your evaluation of the defensive pool though. The only way I'd like us to come out of the first round with a defenseman is in a trade down scenario. If we c
  14. I would be okay with Broberg at 10. I wouldn't have the same level of excitement and comfortability as I'd have with one of the 4 aforementioned forwards though.
  15. Voting is done before playoffs start, so Binnington's playoff performance is irrelevant.
  16. Couldn't agree more. The achilles injury scares me a little bit, but I would love Krebs at 10. There are many guys that I would be okay with us picking at 10, but the 4 realistic options I would be most excited about are in no particular order; Krebs, Zegras, Boldy, and Newhook. My ranking of those 4 guys changes almost daily haha!
  17. The intrigue is 100% warranted. His ceiling is sky high, but there is no other prospect rated in the first round that has as many hurdles to jump in order to approach that ceiling. In that sense he is very similar to Ryan Merkley of last years draft. I'd expect him to get drafted in a similar position too, likely in the 18 to 25 range. Could go a tad higher if a team is confident they can fix him as you mentioned, could fall right out of the first if he totally bombed interviews.
  18. Every aspect of his game that isn't putting the puck in the net is a total red flag. He has a low compete level, he's lazy, not a good skater, he's one dimensional, he is invisible for 90% of the game. You ever look at Reid Boucher's stat lines in the AHL and wonder why he can't get it going at the NHL level? Then you actually watch him play and it all makes sense? That is Arthur Kaliyev. Think Reid Boucher with Goldobin's character. P.S. I have absolutely nothing against Reid Boucher. He is a great guy and I'd love it if we could keep him in our farm system. I just have no desire
  19. No chance. Next year's draft is outrageous. We need to hang on to our 2020 first.
  20. I believe it is only 5 games he can play this upcoming season before entering the league full-time next season.
  21. Haha no worries man! That makes sense. You are right about Wahlstrom having the better draft numbers and being the higher ranked prospect by most sources. However, the gap between them was much smaller than you are implying. In their draft years on the U18 USDP Wahlstrom put up 62gp 48g 46a 94p and Farabee put up 62gp 33g 43a 76p (Jack Hughes had 36gp 27g 41a 68p). In terms of rankings, Wahlstrom usually found himself just inside the top 10 while Farabee found himself just outside it. Farabee was always considered the more complete player and had the intangibles going for him, he was actually
  22. As @ruilin96 has already mentioned, after the draft JB stated that the first 7 players picked were the top 7 players they had ranked on their board. So yes, they definitely had him rated highly and since he was rated in their top 7, he was obviously a player they were considering with the 7th pick. That's where the rumour came from... It was never the Canucks would have taken him at 7, it was that they could have taken him at 7. Analysts just mentioned that other teams such as the Canucks were high on Hayton to justify the Coyotes pick because it's very possible he wouldn't have made it to the
  23. They are fairly similar players, but they are very different people. Brady's intangibles are off the charts. He just finished his rookie season in Ottawa and he's already viewed as the leader of that team. He won't have to wait long before he gets the "C".
  24. In what world did Farabee have a disappointing D+1 season?
  25. That's totally fair and could very well be correct. My best guess would be: 1) Dahlin 2) Tkachuk 3) Hughes 4) Svechnikov 5) Kotkaniemi 6) Zadina 7) Hayton Similar to you having a hunch that the Canucks weren't high on Svech, I just have a hunch they were obsessed with Brady. The way that guy carries himself, there's no way he didn't interview the best out of all the prospects. He is a total gamer, provides the physicality the Canucks so desperately need, and he obviously had tons of untapped offensive potential heading into the draft. I could see Tkachuk
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