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  1. Petey just needs to get up to speed. Remember he is a young player that missed most of training camp. And he could not afford to do that. Also remember Petey is not Bo. They are 1A and 1B. Petey is more offensively talented. Bo is more complete and more north south. BB, Hogs and Pods can play with both Petey and Bo. Pearson only with Bo. Miller only with Petey. Otherwise they go to third line. They are different. We need both.
  2. Better depth. But still the same mistakes and same holes in the systems. Sorry. But Green is the issue. We need to make that change.
  3. My issue isn't Zack. My issue is bringing in a guy who has NEVER scored at any level like Gadjovich did last year. Give him the kids opportunity. Have the kid score when he didn't, when Chaisson got twice the games, first line minutes and first PP time. Then waive the young guy and lose him and sign the loser who was second worst player on the Oilers last year. Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.
  4. Interesting that when I was looking at SJS opening night roster to check in on Gads I found that they found a spot for Dahlen on the NHL team to start the year. Might be fun to watch that too.
  5. My mind has been wondering why the left side logjam wasn't solved by OEL Hughes Rathbone Poolman Juolevi Myers I know we had no Hughes at training camp and didn't have time to try that out.......but seems to me that is better than what we have now. Hughes is a rover anyway.
  6. Lind Gadjovich Gaudette juolevi Forsling. Gonna have a pretty nice looking third line and defence pair of young players out there of our cast offs playing for other teams this year and for years to come. Forsling had a nice season last year. 43 games 17 points and plus 17. I assume mostly 3rd pair usage as he was claimed off waivers.
  7. Gads had nearly no opportunity to outplay him as Chaisson got the opportunities and blocked him. They protected Gads at the expansion draft and then did the classic 'Green won't play the young guy' routine with a guy who took another step this year after being nearly ppg in the ahl last year. That is what happened. Whether you say otherwise or not. He is now not a Canuck due to that. And we will have some short term plug or other in his spot this year because he did not fit the Green mold.
  8. When you bring in a guy who plays the same role and waive the other guy those two situations always have something to do with one another. Not sure why you can't see that. Not giving some of our young guys a chance is going to keep biting this team in the butt.
  9. We will see what he ends up being, I guess. But powerplay net front and 4th line play for Chaisson seems like where Gads should be playing to me. Maybe Chaisson gets cut too and Ottawa or someone picks him up. We will see.
  10. I think Chaisson for this year at the price of losing Gadjovich is not good long term planning.
  11. Now that we will have Peter and Hughes......really curious how we balance the power play. I can find 10 guys for the power now.
  12. I see the issue with this thinking being that Rathbone seems to have all those skills and a better shot and work ethic. What if Rathbone becomes the 1 and Hughes the number 2 d man? Nice problem to have in some ways. But if you pay Hughes too much and Rathbone is better then Hughes may have to go.
  13. So kaprisov and Dahlin are signed and we still wait? Running out of excuses.
  14. Brad Hunt Brady Keeper Justin Dowling Kyle Burroughs John Stevens Devante Stevens Sheldon Dries Nic Petan Phil di Giuseppe Sheldon Rempel
  15. Looks like they decided it was not too soon anymore. Lol. Sounds like 10 baby canucks signings today.
  16. So Petan is the middle 6 fill in when we get injuries? Little bit of talent and scoring ability.
  17. I see that we signed Sutter for 1.12m and harmonic 2x3. Still need a goalie as 2 or 3 and another right side d man.
  18. We are buying out Holtby and did not sign Kielly. Appears we will need to fill out the goaltending depth now. I have no issue running Demko and Dipietro if those are the best two goalies. But Abby needs goalies and we need injury back up. I know we have a couple more but I dont really see any NHL injury replacement or competition for Dipietro.
  19. My only concern with OJ is he seems to have an issue struggling to turn one way and gets beat on that side. Injury? Strength? Not sure. But that needs to get fixed and if it does he is great.
  20. We need to be thinking forward and should have been all season with the decisions made in the off season. Juolevi should have been in the lineup all year. Rafferty and Rathbone should have had a chance. They haven't. Lind and Gads should have gotten a chance before Vesey, Boyd and Highmore. This is why I would fire Green. Not because we didn't make the playoffs, but because we hurt next years team and the year afters team by how Green handled this year. Just my humble opinion.
  21. Time for Rathbone to get a game. Elder out one more. Would love them to give Quinn Juolevi and Rathbone a run on the left side and see what the future holds. Use three Vets on the right and see what happens. Really think Jack and Juolevi should have been in the lineup all year.
  22. Nice that Brisebois and Chatfield got a game. So far so good.
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