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  1. I honestly thought chatfield looked pretty steady out there. Especially with edler out. Maybe it’s just the flow but I got a bit of young tanev vibes
  2. Haven’t had to turn a game off partway in years. We look like the echl all star team at best
  3. If that's the best GMJB can do we are so utterly Focht. /s
  4. I’ve done a lot of the riding here on the island, mostly Vic based so Hartland, Prevost, and Tzouhalem. Good riding up at Cumberland and Nanaimo. i ride a 2013 Giant Reign enduro, really well rounded bike that can handle most downhill sections and conquers uphills with ease.
  5. Congrats on your first call-up to the bigs, Breezer!
  6. Tied for second in preseason scoring behind golden boy Boeser? Yeah, I'll take it.
  7. Not saying that at all, but it goes to say against mostly NHL competition and those vying for spots on an NHL roster. So I'd say the competition is pretty close to what you'd see during the regular season. He looks quite impressive for an undrafted rookie at this stage in his career - and I expect a good season this year in the A. Besides, have you ever seen Tanev score a goal like that?
  8. You know he had 3 points against Calgary right? Including a beautiful backhand goal?
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