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  1. https://smahtscouting.com/2021/07/22/scouting-report-hugo-gabrielsson/ Nice write up on Gabrielsson by Smaht Scouting, had him ranked way higher.
  2. Hopefully we can recoup some draft picks/cap space for schmidt seeing as he’s even less of a fit on our team now with OEL being brought in, would Schmidt and a sweetener prospect get us back in the first round?
  3. Hoglander on his own is too steep of a price. The other GM would be cheering in the streets if that deal went down.
  4. Who do you have in mind? Usually to get players like that you have to give one up as well.
  5. St Louis couldn't find a trade partner prior to the expansion draft. IMO, his value is really low. I like Senko as a buy low option so long as salary is retained on the other side.
  6. Shaun Kemp channeling his inner Stan Smyl
  7. Brandon Tanev looks like the biggest Chad. Love it
  8. Congrats, you’re the quickest yet to hit the ban list. Have a good one
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