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  1. For those who are wondering when Tryamkin becomes UFA (and hence, when the Canucks no longer can claim to have his rights), the date is Jun 30, 2022. https://puckpedia.com/salary-cap/answers/tryamkins-ufa-status Tryamkin's UFA Status Will the Canucks retain the rights to Nikita Tryamkin after July 1st, 2020 or does he become a UFA? The Canucks will retain Tryamkin's rights until he reaches UFA eligibility, which for him will be summer 2022. You can check out any player's UFA eligibility at the top of their player page, here's Tryamkin's: https://puc
  2. Yet, here on CDC, anytime we have a decent NCAA prospect that reaches their 3rd year (ie, Schneider, Demko, Gaudette, etc), the sky is falling mentality immediately overtakes these forums. Personally, so long as he doesn't turn into one of our ex-4th round D prospect who also attended high school and then a colorful career at Harvard (ie, academic scandal, injuries, subsequent decision to test free agency after completion of senior season which prompted Benning to trade him for a 7th (Tate Olson)), I would consider it a win, since the likelihood of 4th round picks making the NHL f
  3. Welcome to the Canucks Board!  Cheers!  :)

    1. kegwai


      Thanks, it's been forever since i was posting on here. Think back to when the Canucks and Blues tried offer sheeting each other's players years ago!  Thanks again!

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