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  1. The region needs this. the traffic congestion this one road would alleviate would save 10-15 minutes off anybody traveling through surrey during rush hours commute.
  2. whoever comes out of the north probably gets swept in conference final. No defence division. its gunna be a culture shock
  3. solid deal for toronto. First isn't an overpayment. They only have this season and the next 3 until their window closes, Matthews and nylander gone then. All of which are going to be flat cap. They should trade all their picks and farm prospects for the next 3 years.
  4. After they pay him his 1 million signing bonus in July, we can buy him out and take 4 mil cap this coming season 1 million the next season. or just keep him for last year for 6 million. we can save 2 million in the coming season,
  5. Winnipeg if they get ekholm and another defensemen might have a shot of getting to the final
  6. how can i change my display name
  7. i doubt they get screwed. they can trade his contract with some assets to dump it.
  8. I voted tank for assets and draft pick. But that just what i want. Nashville is blowing it up, arizona about to, buffalo might shake things up, wild could blow it up, san jose anaheim la will probably be sellers. I doubt we get anything better than a 4th or 5th round pick for anybody we have to trade
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