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  1. This is a tough one. Ovi might break Gretzky’s goal record and is the most prolific scorer of a generation. McDavid does things that no other human can do. Lindros may very well be the hands down winner without the injuries but I’ll never select him knowing what happened in his draft...I went with Sid, he has been solid every year, won multiple cups, always comes through in big games and...the golden goal. Lots of good choices in here and not even factoring in for flower, I wasn’t around to watch him play but he may be the “right” answer as well
  2. I picked Nazzy. The twins were the best duo we have ever or will ever see, but as individuals I feel Naslund did more to elevate the team in his prime. It’s a tough question. Pettersen may take the title but as we haven’t seen his prime yet we don’t really know. Ohlund pre injury (and post really) was great and would be exactly what we need right now but I put him below Naslund and both twins as far as actual overall effect on a season.
  3. I’m torn. I want both signed right away as they are the most talented on the team. We don’t know what happens behind closed doors. There are many possible reasons that these two are not signed. For example: 1 - the team has made agreements but needs to swing another deal to make the cap room 2 - one of the two wants more than is being offered and the agent is refusing to sign either one until it is worked out 3 - the media loves a bs story about the Canucks so the team is holding off until training camp to milk the press release closer to season start. If it’s any of these it
  4. I don’t see this lineup winning a lot of games, but Flames Kraken games could at least be entertaining to watch. There are a lot of big grinders in the pacific now. Hopefully the bucks can take a page from Bieksa and “skate around him and score a goal”
  5. I can’t imagine being a Buffalo fan period. That franchise is a mess.
  6. I don’t know much about the guy except what I’ve read here. If he comes as billed (good 3C that can handle tough matchups) then I am excited to see what he can do on the ice. Remember that every defensive face off this guy can take is another offensive opportunity for Bo that he didn’t get before. I’m expecting some real positive trickle down effects from some of the moves this year.
  7. This makes sense, and now that you say it I remember hearing it. I still think Kieth was a bad move. He is on the decline but maybe he can teach some of those kids what winning looks like.
  8. You could be right about the Oilers, hell I kinda hope you are. I’m sick of all Canadian teams being crappy. For what it’s worth I think Nurse is a solid player...just not worth that contract. It may be a bargain in a year or two though if the trajectory keeps going. I agree they are a decent team as well but if the recent Canuck moves work out even 75% I strongly believe we are better. Our goalies are much better, our D should be better (unless OEL pulls an Eriksson) and our forwards (looking at all 4 lines, nobody is competing directly with McD and Drai) should be able to compete quite well.
  9. I’m so glad I decided to read this thread because I thought I was losing my mind. Calgary lost Gio, and continues to count on Monaghan, Goureau, and Tchapuke to lead the offence. On the back end they have Markstrom and Tanev...this won’t likely go well for them. If (highly likely) Tanev gets injured they have one option. That option is to hope that Marky can steal a bunch of games for them. Edmonton lost Larsson and signed Kieth. I know he is in great shape and can still play but this is not the same guy that carried the Blackhawks to multiple cups. They have a giant over inflated contract
  10. Why doesn’t he just hang them up? He brought his “leadership” to the leafs first round exit last year and is bouncing around at league minimum. He can’t keep up to the play, doesn’t play big anymore...kind of embarrassing to someone that has had a pretty solid career if you ask me.
  11. Good deal for both sides. OJ has a lot more to show, so I am expecting this to be good value this year and cost a little more next year. What I really want to know is when Vintage is going to spill the beans on the Petey and Hughes contracts.
  12. Ooof, Nurse is a decent defenceman but at that price I think the Oilers are completely screwed. Who is going to play once McD, Drai, Nurse and Kieth are off the ice? They are literally a one line team that is at the cap. I really hope these recent signings are not a signal to what Quinn is going to get. 9 million dollar players need to be elite at both ends of the ice, bot just one like Quinn or “pretty good” like Nurse. I think this contract will be very painful for the Oil.
  13. Get outta here with your facts and figures. We want to hang somebody...Benning sucks!! Ok, I agree, Sutter was a positive on the team when healthy. The knock I’ve always had is that he was overpaid and taking up too much cap space for what he brings. Now that he is being payed properly for his role (4th liner that can play up a little when needed) I think it’s a great addition. Anyone complaining is welcome to try and find a better fourth line Center/teammate/veteran presence for less than this deal. Instead of hating the last five years let’s look forward to the next one.
  14. I’m shocked...this thread has several thought out posts, discussion about the original topic and...it makes sense!! What is going on CDC??? Are we actually looking at a talented young player from an objective point of view? Not declaring Hughes the greatest defenceman of all time or a complete bustaroo is just not like us. Seriously though, Hughes is an amazing talent and deserves to get well paid. How much depends on a few things. How long does he want for term, how does he expect to be played. For example the Makar deal is not a fair comparison. Makar plays in far more situation
  15. Well, I don’t think Reaves brings much to help the Rangers win hockey games but I will be tuning in to watch the Rangers-Capitals game for the first time ever this year.
  16. Time will tell, that’s a tough comparison. I think Poolman and Tanev play a similar style game except Poolman is bigger and Tanev is a little more aware. (Personal opinion, curious what others think). I think Hamonic brings more to this team than Stecher but again this depends largely on if he can keep finding chemistry with Hughes or Rathbone. It’s a different team now than it was. I would say it’s pretty close and give a slight edge to Hamonic/Poolman but until we see them on the ice it’s kind of a crapshoot
  17. Given the available options, who would you have preferred they sign? I don’t think it’s debatable that we needed an NHL player on the right side D. I’m definitely making an assumption now but I think we can also agree that we lacked defensive awareness last year. So the contract was a year longer and a half to a million more than we all think is right but what could actually be done differently? Larson is gone, Hankanpaa was the only guy that fits the bill and he is making even more $$. No team in the NHL is without an overplayed player or 4. I guess I’m just so happy to see Eriksson gone th
  18. Yes! This is exactly what I mean. Nate is a player I was excited to have here and he did not work out well at all. I expect him to succeed in Winnipeg because the role he fills is needed there. He is a good skater and a puck mover. He needs time on the PP to do what he does best. We have Hughes that is younger and already better at that role so he got fewer prime offensive minutes. What we did sorely lack was right handed D, and PK, defensive minded guys in general. This is why imho that despite a talented group of guys we were a tire fire in our own end. Expecting Myers to cover fo
  19. I read the last three pages and I still know almost nothing about Tucker Poolman. A month ago we were all talking about the need for a bigger right handed D man with strong defensive tendencies. I have personally suggested several times that an Adam Larsson type would fit great. He got signed to Seattle along with Oleksiak before we could even chat with them. I really don’t know much about Poolman except that he is over 200 pounds, somewhere between 6’2 and 6’4 and whoever he plays with seems to have better numbers than without him. Time will tell if he is a bottom pair guy or if he can move u
  20. You are not wrong, at the moment. I think we all believe that he will be a top pair guy in the future. (Hopefully soon). If OEL can come most of the way back to form and develop a little chemistry with Myers (I know...there is a lot of “if” in that statement) our defence looks pretty damn good. I don’t think any of our top 4 (OEL, Myers, Hughes, Hamonic) are legit defence stars but that is the most solid group I’ve seen on this team in a very long time.
  21. I’m not sure I like it, but I’m glad it’s done. I think if ego’s could have been kept in check there may have been a better fit afte the bigger UFA dmen get signed, or at the trade deadline. That being said, he wanted out, we recouped our pick and he is now stuck in Winnipeg. Benning has made some huge moves this season, I’m hoping for a couple of very good small ones to round this out. 1 - Sign Petey and Hughes to deals that are at least reasonable if not team friendly. 2 - sign a decent backup goalie for cheap so we don’t expose Mikey D too much or risk everything on a Demko injury
  22. There are only a few things that players or their agents can do that I think are simply low. The biggest one is young RFA players holding out and refusing to play unless they get grossly overpaid. (Looking at you Nylander). The other is requesting a trade and refusing to accept what comes along. If you don’t like it here we will find somewhere else for you to go...NTC is supposed to prevent the team from trading you when you want to stay. If you ask for a trade then “no trade” should not apply. Please don’t jump all over me as I’m aware this isn’t how it works, but if you are a team player the
  23. I’ll believe the PhillipBlunt seal of approval for a lot more than a tweet from Taj any day!
  24. Why is anyone buying this? Someone make a bet with me...if Petey signs an offer sheet that Benning doesn’t match I’ll do some weird stuff. Even an 8 million 7 year (max term for an offer sheet and reasonable ask) will net us 4 first round picks. With the way the draft looks the next couple years a GM would be nuts to offer that. Also Benning would match it. Does anyone here really think Petey is worth over 10 million? What teams have the cap space to do it, the picks to surrender and the depth to believe they can compete without a first rounder for 4 years? Look at the implosion around here
  25. This is click bait. Go ahead and quote me (I’m wrong a lot so don’t really care). Petey is a good player, but the draft picks that come with an offer sheet of his caliber aren’t worth it for the offering team. In order to get Petey to sign the offer sheet it is going to be near 10 million. If Montreal wants to sign Pettersen to a 10 million deal ... let them. No Weber on the D. Price is injured, this could be 4 straight lottery picks. If they want to go 8 we will just match it. I don’t think Elias would make such a move for an extra couple $100K
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