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  1. Remember when Baertschi-Burmistrov-Boeser was a line at the beginning of the season? I'd forgotten until watching last year's game recaps this evening, but it shows how much Green likes having offensive players playing together on an offensive line. That usage lends itself to the argument that Baertschi-Pettersson-Eriksson/Gagner/Leipsic/other happens sometime early this season. Food for thought :) 

    1. Western Red

      Western Red

      Yea, seems that Green and Benning are completely on the same page. Happy that whatever the end roster will be, that the roles will be more defined. I really hope Jake is started and given a chance at top 6 minutes. He must feel weirded out having seen Brock come in and get all the shine. He needs to get dirty and pot 20 to shut a lot of people up. I'm almost certain he will.

    2. luckylager



      Almost want to go find the gtd. I bet it's a good read

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