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  1. I have a question or two for some of the folks on here who participate in short-term investing/speculation/individual stock selection and are much more active managers than myself, just out of interest and for my own learning. To be clear, I consider myself too inexperienced (been investing just 2.5 years) and underfunded to delve into strategies with higher risk, plus I first learned about investing from authors with the perspective that EMH and low-cost indexing/asset allocation is the winning strategy for most individual investors and that perspective is hard to shake (nor should it be shak
  2. Remember when Baertschi-Burmistrov-Boeser was a line at the beginning of the season? I'd forgotten until watching last year's game recaps this evening, but it shows how much Green likes having offensive players playing together on an offensive line. That usage lends itself to the argument that Baertschi-Pettersson-Eriksson/Gagner/Leipsic/other happens sometime early this season. Food for thought :) 

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    2. Guile


      I think the key things are continuation and consistency. He looked so dominant some games and shifts, so for me it'll be a successful first half if he can consistently push the pace of play, get his hits, and be a quality two-way player (as opposed to focusing purely on D responsiblity as he has at times over the past two seasons). 20 goals would be awesome, and is completely attainable, but 15-20-35 would be fine for me as long as he is constantly getting better.


      I also think he fits better on one of the more defensive lines we're appearing to have (Roussel-Sutter-Virtanen, for example) compared to the guys I mentioned in the OP. However, Bear-EP-Jake looks sexy and dangerous, plus everyone in the organization seems to understand the kids are going to be playing offensive hockey, so that's a possibility as well!

    3. Guile


      @luckylager Our fifth or sixth game in mid/late October, a 3-0 win vs Ottawa, I believe. I was shocked! 

    4. J-23


      Yes I alos can't wait till' Green sets up that Pettersson - Horvat - Boeser line.

  3. Will I be able to hear you screaming "Just wait til October... JUST WAIT" from my seat? Sure hope so! It's just prospects camp, but I'm so fired up to see Rathbone impressing, Gadjovich and Lind being a little more in the spotlight, etc, etc... so much reason for optimism and enthusiasm around the future of the team, even as media is dumping on our most recent pro signings.
  4. I agree that he and Edler should be our top pair, to begin the season at least, since Alex does indeed have that hockey sense, poise, and a good outlet pass. It's unfortunate that we don't have another poised LD on our roster at the moment that could partner Guddy, since I would prefer to have he and Edler on separate pairs to spread some size throughout our top 4. Once he has sufficient NHL experience, I think Juolevi will be an excellent partner for him, but only once OJ is comfortable to play with poise, as a vet would. This could take 10 games or a full season, but I see them being success
  5. Sid is the only site that is up to date
  6. Just having a bit of fun To be fair, this all stemmed from a couple of us saying that we're very interested to see him perform at the prospects game in a couple weeks, since he's one of those guys that doesn't have a lot of video out there. Should be exciting to see how his skating compares to some of our better prospects, particularly if we take a D at 7th overall.
  7. Just bought my summer showdown tickets!

  8. You never know, he could perform better than expected. One day, he may make fans scream. I think he could be huge for us.
  9. I am so FIRED UP to see Captain Jack - may honestly take a morning off in July and watch a practice, or get tickets to the Summer Showdown. He, like ya boiii Lukas, is going to be one of those last round beauties that pans out in a big way.
  10. Alex Tuch is a beauty; big dude, huge reach, great hands, and scary eyes like Kopitar

  11. Didn't some wise old fool once say, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result"? Asking because I do the same as you
  12. Today, my friends, today is a good day. Today is Gaud's day.

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    2. Roger Neilsons Towel

      Roger Neilsons Towel

      @Brad Marchand It’s hard to know. Gaud works in mysterious ways. 

    3. Xbox


      And MLB IS BACK!!!

    4. MJDDawg


      In Gaud we trust!

  13. Who are you? Where am I? Canucks...??
  14. Put Jake on their line and create widespread fan happiness?
  15. After missing most of the season with a knee injury? That would be a heck of a feat... I feel like Holm is ahead of him for now based on his continuous improvement and key role throughout the whole season for the Comets.
  16. Holy, Lockwood just crushed a Dane. Love this kid.

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      Musta' felt petrified?!

  17. Do you think so for the end this this season, or start of next? Right now, I'd say our C depth is pretty set, and I'd much prefer him in Utica at the end of this season due to their horrible C lineup. For next, I'm optimistic that he nabs a bottom 6 C role with Henrik retiring. Horvat, Sutter, Gaudette, with one of Gagner/Granlund/FA taking the 2nd line offensive duties.
  18. Ohhhhhhh baby its a sign! The hockey gods are telling us the hockey Gaud will be in Utica this season!
  19. Brilliant - I'll appreciate those updates very much. Hopefully this time next year we're talking about him contending for a top six role with the Comets... love this guy from what I've seen so far.
  20. I believe Gaudette and Sikura (9) played together most of last season with Zach Aston-Reese, yes? Looks like they're just ramping their game up together yet again. As said earlier, it's really great to have a few of our prospects being "the guy" on their team - Gaudette especially, but Lind as well for the Rockets, DiPietro (slightly different, but still), Pettersson as a top line guy with Vaxjo.
  21. If he ever comes back, I think it'll come after his three year deal is up with Avto. He was really complimentary of Green in the above interview, so that's quite promising. However, his comment regarding Goldy - if he scores, he should play - is not exactly a sentiment that is going to earn a player ice time in the NHL. In short, now is completely the wrong time. In three years, we may be beginning a real upswing, since I think that marks the arrival of Pettersson in the lineup, Gaudette with a year under his belt, guys like Bo, Stecher, Hutton, Boeser, Virt to be in their primes and establish
  22. It's pretty interesting to see how being a good defender option opens up avenues towards offensive production. His goal last night wasn't a "special" play by any means, nor was his assist on the Carcone goal. In fact, 4 of his 5 points were from taking hard point shots or making simple first passes. But it seems like he's earned the trust of Coach Cull, so he's being rewarded with power play time, lots of minutes, etc, putting him in good situations to contribute on the scoresheet. More than his point production, I'm looking forward to seeing him play against a lineup that's primar
  23. That's a pretty smooth pair, but perhaps we should add on and say "... by seasons end"? I love his compete though, he seems to play a lot like Stecher; constantly in motion, whether that moving his feet or harrying a player with his stick. Looking forward to seeing his progress this year.
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