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  1. FANS below $1.00 I think I will clear 10K CAD tomorrow and buy 10,000 shares if it stays below $1
  2. I get the strange feeling that GME is gonna go haywire this week.. Edit: Also, it looks like we're all in some trouble.. Oof..
  3. #BigWigSmarterThanUs He's playing Canadian stocks right now which I don't but here's what he said. "Tell them to play MVMD and sell at $2.00_ "I am also in Fans United as legislation just passed"
  4. Jeff Skinner - 9M for the next 6 years. Currently 1 Assist in 18 games.. Ouch..

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    2. Angry Goose

      Angry Goose

      Thing is, if Skinner walked you know for sure people would be ripping BUF for it. And he's only 28.

      So with that in mind, do you roll the dice with BB when he's up?

    3. Elias Pettersson

      Elias Pettersson

      Currently tied for the worst contract in the entire NHL along with Bobrovsky...

    4. NewbieCanuckFan


      @Chickenspear  He signed it right after having a 40 goal season I believe.  That's alot goals (but he was a one-hit wonder).

  5. She’s sent a text to see his thoughts on the market and what he’s bullish on. Should have an answer by tomorrow night.
  6. I keep seeing the same stuff all over the internet from different analysts.. Take it for what you will but this is what the current prediction is.. The next 4-6 weeks will be bullish but once SPY goes over 400 or even higher they're expecting a gigantic correction down to $340 area.. Basically that we're coming out of the bulltrap.. Nobody's opinion I respect more then @nuckin_futz Any crystal ball outlooks ?
  7. Yeah that's my mom's neighbor, he's works with the finance minister of Canada. He was a big dog buying for TD before. He only throws us a bone once in a while but when he does I don't question it. My DD is probably 1% of what his is. He also gave us Trading desk at $220 and it ran to $950 within a year. I didn't buy any because I didn't know any better and $200 a per share for anything was a 2nd language to me back then.
  8. My mother messaged me and said "Check out NGA" I bought 1000 at $14.08.. Thanks mom, haha..
  9. 4G, 1A in 13 games -4 and 32 shots I wish Benning was my last boss, I'd be a rockstar...
  10. I love this guy with all my heart but I will never listen to a man that pulls letters out of a scrabble bag to buy a stock. oof, that's harsh.. What a nightmare.. Curious, what do you do ?
  11. Ugh.. Futures red AGAIN.. Please make the bleeding stop.. I'm starting to feel like this guy...
  12. Sooo I should have held onto this is what you're saying
  13. What ever happened to Bertuzzi Babe ? You just reminded me of her.. After she went off the deep end she disappeared but I'm sure she's still here.
  14. Edit: Fun fact, I helped him write his resume.
  15. I think I met you at a dollar store in Nanaimo along time ago but never told you, haha...
  16. Stan the dick head is pumping it... https://twitter.com/StanTradingMan
  17. Oh yeah, nice one. 500M, healthcare eco-system (fingers crossed for another butterfly). Warrants $1.44, looks good. Ohhh this is the Momtazee one, he's a big dog in the healthcare world for a guy under the age of 50... Yeah, this one will be a winner..
  18. I'm all out of cash because I BTFD on Friday.. For anybody looking for good/cheap warrant plays with potentially big targets see below. GOAC - 575M SPAC - Targeting Travel $1.50 per - (Greg O'Hara (Founder, Certares; Vice Chairman, Liberty Tripadvisor Holdings; Director, Tripadvisor) CFIV - 500M SPAC - Target Fintech $1.43 per - Howard Lutnick (CEO, Cantor) DEH - 250M SPAC - Target Consumer $1.27 per - Terry Lundgren (Former CEO of Macy’s and Neiman Marcus), Fred H. Langhammer (Former CEO of Estee Lauder), David Chu (Founder of Nautica) The team of the last one is boss status.. They have to be looking for something fresh, new and is taking over the market.. What's popular in consumer right now ? Clothing related ? Maybe something like Tom Ford, Vera Wang, Versace.. They're all in the 2B-6B value.
  19. Exactly.. To VAN: Ty Smith + Alexander Holtz + 2021 1st To NJD: Quinn Hughes + Michael Dipietro + 2021 2nd
  20. Hey Joe, I'm looking past the season. Some FA signings and hopefully Rathbone will be ready to play, he looked great recently. I personally see the first year the Canucks can really push forward is 2022/2023.. Alot of big money clears the books IE Luongo, Eriksson etc. Hog and Pod will be on the ELC and hopefully in the top 6. Just need to responsibly fill the bottom 6 and some defenseman. Getting a good D this draft is imperative. Hughes, Clarke and Power are the most ideal.
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