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  1. 100% agree, could be great to have that friendship back and that extra little bit of lightweight toughness. Might be behind the scene issues but Bo could maybe keep him in line. Or J.T might need another project now that Jake is donezo
  2. Interesting. Good find. How will they make that work? Hedman back just in time for the playoffs? And to sign hall at the deadline....
  3. How does the NHL not keep an eye on this. Not to sound like a complainer, but this team that was in obvious cap issues in the off-season last year. Then Kucherov, needs season ending hip surgery, which allows them to be cap compliant and still get good young players signed. Then, miraculously, playoffs start, and he’s ready to go when the cap doesn’t matter. Maybe all this terrible Canuck hockey has made me negative but to me this is cap circumvention no? I just remember thinking there would be offer sheets and stuff for Cernak, etc, and then when Kuch was out I was thinking, ah
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.tsn.ca/new-jersey-devils-place-nikita-gusev-on-unconditional-waivers-1.1620794%3ftsn-amp I’ll start with that I don’t start that many threads. thoughts on this gentleman and ladies? If we sign him before Monday he would be eligible to play playoffs, and I know that’s a huge IF. Buttttt do we take a flyer on him. He is a top 6 assuming he fits, he would be an all or none signing. His 4.5ish contract is terminated so we could sign him to 1? 2 million for 2 years. Anyone know if him and pod have history?? Or even tree? thanks for the opinions.
  5. How great for burrs. Wish it was with the Canucks but I’m happy for him, one of my all time favorites. Do Canucks hire Claude?? No quarantine being already in Canada?!
  6. quite the opposite, he's a locker room favourite. And the reason why Tanev signed in Calgary, who has made a big difference for that team.
  7. I've talked about it on here before, 6 million for Lucic was the going rate at the time, and yes he is no where near that value now. But I know for a fact that he turned down 7 million to go play in Montreal because he wouldn't put on a Habs jersey after the Boston days.
  8. I 100% agree with this. I remember stats from when Lucic played in Edmonton, there was less man games lost to their stars. Milan scares people, everyone stands a foot taller when he plays. People are less likely to take liberties. If you remember Bieksa last year when Sam Bennett was out throwing like 7 hits a game. It was when he joined Lucic's line, and bieksa even said' how big do you think Sam Bennett feels right now'. even last night, we were playing the body and making hits and getting scrappy. Then during a faceoff, Lucic took off a glove and pointed to his head and addressed Roo
  9. I wonder why the Jackets don't move on from Torts. If Laine doesn't gel with him. I see a coaching change before another trade.
  10. Anyone else feel like the aliens from space jam zapped all Petey's talent. Man that poor guy is struggling. he'll battle through but we need him sooner than later.
  11. They are simply incredible people. So lucky to have those tow part of our organization and society. Thanks guys for all that you have done and continue to do.
  12. Apparently 2 week quarantine coming to Canada. Grocery stores and emergency medical, including pharmacy's staying open. Everything else will be shut down. Good luck guys and gals! wish we were watching Canucks Sh*t kick the jets instead!!
  13. I didn't notice that. Good eye. Very impressive. I'm excited for Gaudette once he gets comfortable in the league. Seems like a good head on his shoulders to go with a high skill set
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