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  1. The Knights averaged 39 shots a game in the series. Had little to do with pulling together defensively and mostly hot goaltending over a 4 day stretch by Demko.
  2. By the numbers... Here are all the Canuck #'s for the "bubble playoffs" Record 10-7 .588% (.565% reg. season) 48gf 45ga +3 (224-214 +10 reg. season 55-52 based on 17 games +3) 20.3%pp 80%pk (24.2%pp, 80.5%pk reg. season) 26.5sf 36.7sa (31.2sf, 33.3sa reg. season) 55.7%fow (54% reg. season) Considering there were 5 months between games its almost equivalent to a full off-season. Look at the comparables to the Canucks first 17 games of 2019-20. Record 9-5-3 6th in Conf 3rd Div 57gf 45ga +12 Some pundits will say this was a unique year and that with just a bit better pp last night alone they are onto a WCF against a Dallas team that has question marks in net and with their top forwards and could be riding a sizzling hot Demko right into the finals and then who knows what could happen. This team could look very different in terms of personnel/chemistry by the time "next" season rolls around, there are no guarantees. The Canucks might have blown a golden opportunity to hoist the Cup in the strangest SC playoffs anyone has seen.
  3. I'm sure this has been posted, but just in case anyone missed it or for the younger fans who don't remember the 5 game first round series of the 70's and 80's. 56 times in NHL history a team has gone down 2-0 in a 5 game series and their series record is 1-55. This is as close to a must win as you can get.
  4. Well considering its been the last 4 years it would have been nearly impossible for you to not remember. You make it sound like it was decades ago.
  5. If they can't have a regular 4 round, 7 game series' playoffs (which takes 2 months) then forget it. I don't care about them finishing the regular season, just seed them as per pts % or whatever they deem fair. That being said June 1st should be the drop-dead date that the NHL aims for to start the playoffs, that gives them until the end of July to finish this season and gives 6 weeks off before training camp. Playing into August and trying to delay next season just screws up 2 seasons, i'd rather just bite the bullet and lose this season and hope for a normal season to start in Oct. There was about a 35% chance the Canucks season would have ended April 4th anyways at last check hehe.
  6. Average 15th in wins 19th in pts 17th pts % 17th RW 17th ROW 9th in GF 16th in GA 4th in PP 16th PK 18th in shots per game Middle of the pack in 8 of 10 main team categories.
  7. Ah your vote is for Makar. Thanks for clarifying.
  8. Makar has missed 12 games, EP missed 11 games last season. Should Dahlin have won last year because he played all 82 and EP missed 11 games?
  9. I know you all are just trying to have fun but this this thread is a combination of depressing and cringe-worthy.
  10. They are saying its going to be 30 days minimum, that means the SC final wouldn't even start until after July 1st if they try to get in any kind of regular season finish. There has to be a drop dead date for them to get a full playoffs in and that date can't be too far past the 30 days from yesterday countdown we are already in.
  11. You do know you can have booze delivered for $3 plus tip right? And technically you don't have to tip.
  12. At the edge of our hope, at the end of our time, we have chosen not only to believe in ourselves, but in each other. Today there is not a man nor woman in here that shall stand alone. ... Today, we are canceling the apocalypse! Hang in there friends...the human spirit shall endure...
  13. 1 or even 2 you would think...still going to be troublesome for some teams including the Canucks with big signings needed just over a year from now.
  14. Been saying this for a while. If just 1-2 of those players having career years take a step back or miss any significant time next season then that will drastically effect where the Canucks finish in the standings.
  15. Yeah except they'll care when they are in class in late July because the school closed for 3-4 weeks in March.