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  1. Hall for Larsson was in June of 2016 and Lucic was signed July 1st 2016. You honestly have some of the most uninformed worst posts on here man. I feel like you’ve only been watching hockey for a couple of years and you get all your info from CDC and Sportsnet Pacific.
  2. The Oilers 2nd round playoffs was in 2017 what bad contracts have they signed in the last 3 seasons that have “handicapped” them..?
  3. Attention CDC: Deb is now the official moderator of the word “Is”. In addition she is now the site expert on what constitutes a dominant AHL player. So make sure the next time your favorite AHL player scores 4 goals in a weekend set of games let Deb know and she’ll post an article of the dominance.
  4. In what way is Lind “dominating the AHL”..? 23 goals and 67pts in 124 games over parts of 4 seasons. He’s a decent player, but dominating the AHL..? C’mon man.
  5. I dunno man... going from one of the worst teams in the league to doing “serious damage” in 2-3 years is still pretty rare. Those Hawks teams sucked but as soon as they got Kane, Toews et al the rise was meteoric. The Canucks have their equivalent players now and are at the bottom of the league. People like to point to the Avs as a comparison but look at them,Landeskog is in year 10, MacKinnon 8, Rantanen 6 and they honestly haven’t been close to making a run yet and are a bit shaky this season. Also those “placeholders” you mention are basically half the team and have roughly 4000 games of NHL experience so changing that many players and replacing them with prospects and FA’s in a 1-2 year period can have an adverse affect on team chemistry, leadership and confidence etc. The chemistry seems to have been affected by removing 3-4 vets this season, removing 8-10 over the next 1-2 seasons could have a similar result. But like you said, nobody has a crystal ball.
  6. I agree with most except for the Carolina comparison. 7 of their 8 D right now are all 27 and under and all bring different skill sets. Maybe the forward groups of the 2 teams are a bit similar but the Canucks D has 5 guys 29 or older and only a couple of the young ones have really shown much yet. If the Canucks had anywhere close to that blueline corps right now they would be in a much better position. Also if the current core of the Canucks is 3-5 years from contending then who will be the d corps..? Only Quinn and OJ are likely to be here 3-4 years from now. The Canucks need a few more dmen to graduate successfully to the NHL in the next few years.
  7. Don’t worry, all the people that are saying “all they need is more practice time to gel” will immediately pivot to the “team is fatigued” narrative that has been making the rounds the last couple of days.
  8. The Canucks in the 6 seasons prior to the 2011 Cup run the worst record they had was 39-33-10 for 88pts. That team was never anywhere near the bottom of the league like the current Canucks have been in recent years. To look at the current team, where most people want half the team gone, and say “they are 2-3 years away” is wishful thinking. Maybe if the current team can string together 4-5 winning seasons and making the playoffs a few times then you can say they are 2-3 years away from Cup contention. I doubt people were looking at the 2004 Canucks and saying “they are 2-3 years away”, but they were saying it in 2009. Honestly the current Canucks were 6-9 years away from Cup contention when EP was a rookie. 2-3 years of making the playoffs or getting close, 2-3 years of winning a round or 2 and 2-3 years of hopefully Cup runs. They are half way through year 3 of that 6-9 year window. The bubble artificially made it seem like they were further along but I still see 4-7 years before the current team makes the playoffs consistently and maybe goes on a Cup run.
  9. He reminds me of a more offensive Tyson Barrie. They are the exact same size, smooth skating, puck movers but defensive liabilities. Barrie hasn't really developed out of that sort of style so its on Quinn and the coaching staff to develop that in his game.
  10. This will be my last tidbit on the Hughes/Karlsson comparison Quinn this season age 21: Currently on pace for 7g 65a 72 pts -37 47blks 17hits over 82 games CF 51.9% FF 50% PDO 96.8 68.1%oZone starts 31.9% dZone starts Erik Karlsson 2011-12 age 21: 81gp 19g 59a 78pts +16 65blks 60hits CF 55.1% FF 54.% PDO 100.9 57% oZone starts 43% dZone starts Norris trophy winner. Same age and Karlsson was considerably more defensively responsible than Quinn. Nobody is saying Quinn isn't a huge talent but lets not overstate what he hasn't done yet and compare him to some of the greats. Its not fair to him.
  11. You don't know what Hughes will be, that's your speculation. Everybody in the world would take Coffey and Karlsson over Ehrhoff. You just randomly pulling in 2 of the greatest dmen of all time and saying they are better than Ehrhoff and comparing them to Hughes makes no sense. Why not mention Orr and Lidstrom? Bourque and Niedermayer?
  12. Question for ya CDC. What's the difference between the Canucks and the Senators? Look at the records. Canucks 8-14-2 68gf/85ga -17 Sens 7-14-1 58gf/85ga -27 Almost identical records. They play the same 5 other teams. (6 if you include each other) The rosters are vastly different. So how can they be so similar? Things that make you go hmmmm on a hockey-less Friday night.
  13. Hughes is only more offensively talented. Ehrhoff is 6'2" 210 and would hit guys, block shots and clear the net in addition to QBing the PP and putting up points. Ehrhoff was an all around better dman than Quinn by quite a margin. Quinn might develop into a more defensive player but I don't see him laying hits etc the way Ehrhoff did.
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